Monday, April 20, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Forehand Entry #8

Hello Basketball World!

It’s your boy Jordan. As always, I had another busy week at school. I have Shakespeare on the brain!

I had practices with my teams. Practices are intense. There is always a lot to learn and to do. I also did my usual workouts. It’s a lot of hard work. Just when I think I’m at the finish line, the trainers move the line a little further away. My father showed me an article from ESPN about Kobe Bryant. He works out at 3:30 in the morning! That’s dedication.

My Sports University team played our 15U (Division I) state games over the weekend. We won our bracket with a record of 3-0. All three teams were tough, but we followed Coach Molloy’s game plan and pulled them out. Now it’s on to the next round.

After the game on Saturday, we had tickets to the Jordan Classic at Madison Square Garden. Can you believe we never got there! The traffic was so bad we had to turn back. I heard it was a great game. If anyone taped it, send me a copy!

Last week, I was picked as the junior elite Hoop Group alumni of the week. I would like to thank Hoop Group for this honor. It was a nice surprise.