Sunday, April 19, 2009

HGH Spring Showdown II Day 1 Recap: Top Forwards

Neuby Saint-Hillare (Brooklyn Ballers)

Hoop Group Headquarters held its Spring Showdown II and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. There was so much talent we decided to break it down into a few sections. Finally we will take a look at the players that get it done in the paint. Here are the top forwards that caught our eye.

Top Forwards

Neuby Saint-Hillare (Brookyln Ballers)- Saint-Hillare has a very intimidating presence on the floor. He’s extremely active on both ends of the floor in terms of rebounding, scoring and running the floor. On defense he can guard many perimeter players because of his swift foot movement. Neuby must develop his own perimeter skills because he seems to be almost done growing thus he will be labeled a wing player.

Evan Hubbard (NJ Shore Shots)- I was surprised watching Hubbard play on this level because I’m used to watching him play 14U but come to find out he’s actually only 13. Well it might be a good idea for him to continue with this group because he showed some true dominance. Evan has improved quickness and explosive moves going towards to the basket. He also has become lighter on his feet and demands the rock on the post.

Nick Isola (CJ Jammers)- Isola controlled the paint for the Jammers. He’s a hard worker on the glass and made it his business to keep loose balls alive while giving his team second chance opportunities. If he continues to improve his post moves and gets stronger he should have a bright future.

Nadi Beciri (Playaz Basketball Club)- Beciri made some strong plays down low for PBC. He has soft hands but needs to improve his post moves and touch off the glass. I like his nose for the ball and his willingness to do the dirty work down low.

Derrick Williams (Playaz Basketball Club)- Williams looked very effective yesterday on this level. But he will need to get a little more athletic as the competition gets tougher down the road. He has a knack of scoring and knows how to position himself for rebounds.