Saturday, April 25, 2009

NJ 12U AAU State Final Four Recap: Top Performers Day 1

Justin Salem (KSK)

The NJ AAU 12U State Tournament semifinals took place today in Elizabeth, NJ and Basketball Spotlight was in the building for the action. There was a lot of talent on hand and here are the players that stood out.

Top Performers

Justin Salem Guard (KSK)- Salem was very solid today. He got things for the Kings until their offense got going. Salem torched Linden with mid range pull ups, deep shots and runners in the lane. KSK needed some toughness in this one and he stepped up. From buzzer to buzzer he was the best guard on the floor today.

Bryce Aiken Guard (KSK)- Aiken handled Linden’s pressure a little better in the second half. Once he got the pill he put tremendous pressure on the defense with dribble penetration. One aspects of his offensive game that stands out is his control of his floater. He basically can kiss the ball off of any part of the backboard and make it fall or just drop the floater in all net.

Sean Elliot Forward (KSK)- Elliot gave KSK a boost on the boards and scored a couple of baskets in the lane. His size helps this guard oriented team on both ends of the floor. He provided some big minutes.

Corey Ampey Forward (Linden Ballers)- Ampey was nice surprise for Linden today. He gets good position on the blocks and knows how to follow up a missed shot for a basket. He helped Linden finish off a couple of plays.

Jason Peoples Guard (Linden Ballers)- Peoples drained quite a few treys as Linden tried to keep it close. He spotted up in the corner and knocked down the open shot when the ball was rotated his way. He looks good in his shooters role.

Austin Goodluck Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- Goodluck came in and went right to work playing on the perimeter, that’s right the perimeter. I like the way he feed the post and moved his feet defensively on the press. When things got tight Austin went back to the baseline to punish Team MVP.

Brian Brown Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- Once Brian catches the rock in the middle of the zone his power and athleticism took over. He relentless on the glass and knows how to maneuver the rock when he’s near the rim. His hard play makes positive things happen.

Nick Lubisher Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- Team MVP tried to make a late run but Nick’s outside shooting closed the door. He drained several outside shots including a couple of treys to help his squad pull away and advance to the finals.

James Wright Guard (Team MVP)- Wright scores like we breathe and when he’s going towards the basket it’s like poetry in motion. Today he didn’t get much help from his teammates and eventually ran out of gas towards the end. Wright also could preserve some energy by shooting a few jump shots; right now all his buckets come from tough drives to the cup.

Game 1
King Street Kings 74
Linden Ballers 53

Game 2
F.A.C.E.S. 52
Team MVP 39

It's Here! KSK vs. F.A.C.E.S.
It was bound to happen the "Game Of The Year" in NJ AAU will take place tomorrow at 12:00 at Westside. KSK are the defending champs and come in with a heavy rep. F.A.C.E.S. are very battled tested and have been looking for this matchup all season. The time has come and Basketball Spotlight will be in the building.