Saturday, April 18, 2009

HGH Spring Showdown II Day 1 Recap: Top Scoring Guards

Adeyinka Adams (Team Scan)

Hoop Group Headquarters held its Spring Showdown II and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. There was so much talent we decided to break it down into a few sections. Next we will take a look at the scoring guards that lit up the scoreboard on Day 1.

Top Scoring Guards

Adeyinka Adams (Team Scan)- Adams did whatever he wanted on the floor during the first day of play. The powerful guards sliced to the basket for easy buckets and also showed off his mid range prowess. Finally Adams makes the game very easy for himself by getting out in transition and filling the lane. Watch for this sleeper to explode in a few years.

Kevin Seymour (Team Scan)- Adams’s sidekick Seymour also found the bottom of the net on many occasions. He’s comfortable handling the rock on the wing and he takes full advantage of matchup problems he causes with his size. Seymour is capable of killing you from inside the lane or behind the arc.

Nassir Barrino (Playaz Basketball Club)- Barrino is a pure scoring machine and he had it on full display. He had the deep shot falling and scored too easy in transition. His body control and touch allows him to drop buckets at a frantic pace. I also saw Barrino display a little more point guard skills than in the past in terms on a pass first mentality on a few plays.

Corey Lumpkin (CJ Jammers)- I saw a lot of promise in this kid. I like his poise, stroke and quickness with the rock in his hands. Lumpkin can hit the midrange shot or take it behind the arc. I think he fits in very well with this ball club and is a good compliment for Dadika.

Amir Bell (CJ Jammers)- Bell showed some flashes on what can do when attacking the basket. He likes to hit the gaps and explode with the rock on the break. I would definitely like to see him shoot a few more outside shots to keep the defenders honest.

Justin Woudenberg (Jersey Jayhawks)- Justin’s team took a big loss but he proved that he could stroke the rock. He tickled the twine from deep on several occasions while trying to breathe some life in his squad. He can flat out shoot the rock.

Juwuan Carter (Playaz Basketball Club)- Carter also plays in the backcourt for the Playaz and is a quiet assassin. He gets it done at both ends of the floor without much fanfare. Carter is lightning quick, plays good defense and can hit the outside shot when he’s not attacking the cup.

Tyrone Johnson (Brooklyn Ballers)- The southpaw plays with a lot of energy and looks his best slashing to the basket. He still needs to develop his handle a little but right now his speed and power is enough to get the job done.