Monday, February 16, 2009

MIT Recap 12 and Under: Team Takeover Wins The Title

Bryant Crawford (Team Takeover)

The 12 and Under Bracket at the MIT was by far the most competitive and exciting. There were some top teams and we got a chance to check out some new talent on the horizon. Team Takeover won the crown knocking off U-Turn in the finals 55-45. Here’s a look at some of the top players that were on display in Day 2.

MIT Top Performers 12 and Under Division

Bryant Crawford Guard (Team Takeover)- I wrote in my Day 1 recap that this kid had something special about his game and on Day 2 he proved me right. Crawford showed great poise and the ability to make shots the entire afternoon. His calm demeanor and complete concentration separates him from most of his peers. He scores the ball in a variety of way; on the break, from the perimeter with a sweet stroke or at the charity where he’s usually automatic. In the finals against U-Turn he finished with 32 of his teams 55 points.

Tony Blackwell Forward (Team Takeover)- Blackwell didn’t score much in the finals but his energy and ability to chase down loose balls and rebounds made a difference for his team. Whenever any shot his going up is already boxing out and out hustling opponents to the rock. On defense he’s very active and tries to keep a hand in the shooters face. Tony brings Dennis Rodman type energy to a game.

Tim Womack Guard (Team Takeover)- Womack spent a lot of time running the point in the finals. He can either run the show or set up teammates at anytime. I like his mid range pull up and he also seems to have decent size for his position.

Trevor Brown Forward (Team Takeover)- Brown played on the blocks with Blackwell and complimented him well. He got numerous weak side rebounds and scored on a couple of put-backs. He’s a big body that gave his team some big minutes in the paint.

Rick DeBerry Forward (U-Turn)- DeBerry plays in the paint for U-Turn and his athleticism caused problems for opponents all weekend. He runs the floor very quickly and will try to handle the pill from time to time. He will have to work on touch with his shot especially around the rim.

Malik Johnson Guard (U-Turn)- Johnson was one of the most exciting players in the building. He had to be the smallest guard in this division but the Allen Iverson type got the job done. He has an excellent handle, speed and a floater that others will die for. Johnson also has good leaping ability for a player his size.

Jonathan Williams Guard (U-Turn)- Williams was the perimeter threat for U-Turn. He’s a big guard that gets his way to the basket with swift dribbling moves and court smartness. He can score from the perimeter or driving into the lane. I like his toughness.

Carlos Thrash Guard (Virginia Cardinals)- Thrash is another pint size guard you need to look out for. He plays the game with tremendous fire and will play the mental test with opponents by talking to them. Carlos also has deep range and the ability to finish in traffic. Defensively, he digs in deep and applies pressure for 94 feet.

Marcus Adkison Guard (Virginia Cardinals)- Adkison is a bigger guard for this VA crew. His slick handle and knack for scoring helped him carry the load for the Cardinals. He had a good showing in their semifinal loss to U-Turn. Marcus has a good upside.

Temple Gibbs Guard (KSK)- Gibbs did his thing when I watched their game against Team Takeover. His basketball IQ is tremendous and he used his body control to score or initiated contact which led to trips to the charity stripe. Temple had a chance to tie the game but his 3 pointer it front iron in the closing moments.

Bryce Aiken Guard (KSK)- Aiken had a good weekend shooting and distributing the pill. Despite his size Aiken is one of the top guards in the region and he showed it. When his trey ball is falling guarding him becomes very difficult because his quickness allows him to blow past over playing defenders.

Justin Salem Guard (KSK)- Salem also had a good shooting weekend at the MIT. The Kings drive and kick offense allows him to catch the rock in the seams of the defense and nail jumpers. He has good form and it seems like most of his shots are going to drop.

Nick Lubisher Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- F.A.C.E.S. loss to eventual champ U-Turn but Lubiser shot the ball well from behind the arc and gave his squad some serious minutes off the bench. He was able to help apply defensive pressure from the guard position and use his outside stroke to help in a comeback attempt.