Monday, February 9, 2009

Inside The Clash For The Cup

Team Battle and NYC Gauchos Show Love At The Cup

Every tournament has inside stories and Clash For The Cup is no exception. We saw many stories develop while at this event and here’s a look at what we saw.

The True Love Of Competition

The Gauchos and Team Battle are two of the top 11 and Under teams in the region. I have covered several tournaments throughout my tenure and I never seen two teams show this type of sportsmanship after an intense battle. Both coaches should tremendous maturity and their teams played with true heart. I was happy to see a seen like that.

Harvest Knights Return To Dominance

The Harvest Knights loss in the semifinal of the Grand Finale and I heard the whispers. But the Mid Atlantic gang rebounded by coming to the Clash For The Cup and showing their true strength. Their core is intact with Malik Ellison, Trevaughn Wilkerson and Ray Lawry then when you add their new pieces in Lamaar Kimble, Jake Silpe and Matthew McKeawn you might have a National Title contender.

Team Ron Artest Are For Real

When we selected Team Artest for the Clash For Cup we received numerous emails saying this squad from Queensbridge wasn’t worthy of being in this event. Ask Team Battle and F.A.C.E.S. are they worthy. These youngsters gave everything on the floor and pushed the two top teams in Jersey to the limit. Team Arest has arrived and will be a thorn in the side for others for some time.

Special Thanks

Each participant in the Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup received a special back pack. This bag was special because of its slogan “Education Outweighs Them All”. Education is the most important thing in your life even more important than basketball. We would like to thank the following organizations for contributing to the gift bag.
• Education Outweighs Them All
• Reebok Basketball
• ESPN Rise
• Hoop Group

You guys showed that putting smiles on kids faces are the most important thing in the world.