Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clash For The Cup Recap 12 and Under: Harvest Knights Wins Big!

Harvest Knights Get It Done!

Ray Lawry scored 12 points, Trevaughn Wilkerson added 11 markers a ton of rebounds and numerous blocks as the Harvest Knights defeated The City 53-42 to win the Clash For The Cup 12 and Under Title. Mike Williams and Wolfgang Novogratz scored 7 apiece for The City in the loss.

Championship Game Top Performers

Trevaughn Wilkerson Forward (Harvest Knights)- The gentle giant totally impacts a game on both ends of the floor. He’s a human fly swatter on defense and cleans the glass like Windex. Once guard penetrate past the HK defense Trevaughn is standing there waiting like the Great Wall of China. Offensively, Wilkerson is developing some decent post moves but still could use some touching up in the footwork category. In theory he seems like he is getting better every time he steps on the floor.

Ray Lawry Guard (Harvest Knights)- The Knights have added a few new guard thus it’s extremely hard to match up with them. Lawry took full advantage of this aspect as he hit the gaps for easy buckets going through the lane. He’s a physical guard and uses his football experience to bully smaller guards and absorb contact.

Malik Ellison Guard (Harvest Knights)- The team’s new weapons makes life easier for this young baller. He had a smooth day running the show. I like his drive and kick game and the fact that he really enjoys feeding teammates. When The City tried to make a little run Ellison turned up his coring for 3 straight buckets to kill any ideas of a comeback.

Lamarr Kimble Guard (Harvest Knights)- Kimble AKA Freshie is well deserving of his nickname. He has a crazy handle and a scorer’s mentality that might help this team make a deep run at the Nationals. His ball handling takes some of the pressure off of Ellison and his feel for the game is something to watch.

Mike Williams Guard (The City)- Williams finished off a huge day with a decent chip showing. He has an array of moves and can score from anywhere. Once he hits the gaps or get into the lane he uses his length and athleticism to convert near the cup. He wouldn’t let his team die.

Wolfgang Novogratz Guard (The City)- Wolfie buried two big treys in the second half as The City attempted to make their comeback. His outside shooting, aggressive defense and constant instructions to teammates made things interesting for a little bit. I think this kid has a good coaching future ahead of him after his basketball career.

Other Clash For The Cup Top Performers

Jake Silpe Guard (Harvest Knights)- Silpe is a new addition to the squad while giving HK an outside threat and another ball handler. He can attack with some swift dribble moves and score in the half court set or in transition. Silpe’s addition will be very vital to this team’s success this year.

Matthew McKeawn Forward (Harvest Knights)- In the semifinal McKeawn was huge on the boards and getting buckets. Wilkerson attracts so much attention that McKeawn had a field day on the glass. He’s tough inside and gives HK another capable post threat.

Donovan Mitchell Guard (The City)- In his first game of the day Mitchell showed the promise of being a top ranked point guard. He didn’t look to score but instead he hit moving teammates with no look and swift passes. His ability to share the rock takes his team’s confidence to another level.

Samir Taylor Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- Taylor should have been in my MLK Classic Recap (MY BAD) but this time the youngster made sure I noticed his play. The lanky wing guard had the jumper falling nailing several treys and looked very good attacking the rim. His long arms also help him become a factor in the passing lanes on defense. I think he has a lot of potential.

Austin Goodluck Forward- (F.A.C.E.S.) I told you guys in the preview that I felt Austin would have a good tourney and he proved me right. Goodluck played a good game on the blocks but shocked me with his ability to push the rock in transition and create opportunities. His game was flowing.

Kevin Alexis Guard (Team MVP)- The lefty shined in the two losses for this squad. His ability to handle and shoot makes him a double threat on the floor. He doesn’t care about who is defending him he thinks he can breakdown anyone and score. He has an aggressive attitude. He’s one to watch.

James Wright Guard (Team MVP)- Wright went on a scoring tear during the 3rd place 12U game. Once he has his mind set on going to the basket he’s difficult to defend. He constantly got into foul trouble because he is the lone post player with this bunch.