Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maryland Invitational: Day 1 Top Performers 13U

Wa'mere Murphy (Youth Interlock)

The Maryland Invitational took place this weekend and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. We got a chance to really check out the 12U and 13U today and here’s a look at who impressed us the most.

Maryland Invitational Top Performers 13 and Under

Wa’mere Murphy Forward (Youth Interlock)- Another year is here and Murphy is still dominating his age group. He just explodes over defenders when scoring at the rim. He has developed some ball handling skills but must remain under control when attacking the rim. His outside shot also needs some retooling but he still had a good showing.

Shepard Garner Guard (Youth Interlock)- Garner can turn on the switch offensively when he wants. He has take over the game potential and showed it a few times today. He’s quicker than I first thought and showed me some good court vision once he entered the lane. He also played some lock down defense when things got critical.

Kamari Peel Forward (Youth Interlock)- Peel also has joined this powerful bunch. He gave them some minutes in the post and showed some improved post moves and touch. Defensively he gives them another long body to alter shots and hitting the glass.

Rashann London Guard (Youth Interlock)- London came over from Team Kobe and it looks like a good fit. Now he a play his true wing position and he looked good doing it. He’s very long on defense while roaming the passing lanes. On offense he’s a quick slasher that will also grab some boards.

Austin Tilghman Guard (Youth Interlock)- Austin brought it on the defensive end. He used his solid frame to contain ball handlers and join his teammates on the glass. In a game that many players concentrate mainly on the offensive it’s good to Tilghman go hard on D.

Kadeem Wright Guard (Richmond Metro)- Wright gave YT all they could handle. The slender combo guard has deep range and some nice dribbling moves. He will hit you with a few crossovers and then nail a jumper in your eyes. He plays the game with tremendous heart.

Joshua Boone Forward (Richmond Metro)- I like what I see in Boone. His long arms and ability makes him an interesting prospect. On the blocks he likes the up and under move while using soft touch to kiss it off the glass. He also isn’t afraid to hit the boards for some caroms. This is a name you will hear some day on a national scale.

Eric Cheatham Guard (Richmond Metro)- Cheatham took over the point and calmed his squad down. He has good penetration skills and will drain the trey of left open. When the ball is in his hands he sets the tempo and got teammates involved.

Garrick Ellis Guard (Richmond Metro)- Ellis is a spot up shooter that will burn you if he is left unguarded. Down the stretch he made some tough plays towards the cup. His range is deep and he has enough strength to absorb contact while scoring in the lane.

Leroy Butts Forward (Future Players)- As predicted Butts has grown a few more inches and has a serious impact on the game. The lefty did damage on the blocks but also has extended his range a little. His wingspan is that of a center and he still has a few more inches to go. We might be seeing something special in Butts.

Cedrick McFadden Guard (Future Players)- If you look up true point guard in the dictionary McFadden’s picture should be next to the meaning. The lightning quick PG blew past defenders and spoon feed teammates all day. He likes working off the pick and roll while also being a scoring threat himself. He was a joy to watch.

Raquan Zimmerman Guard (Future Players)- FP needed a strong wing player to help them make a National run and Zimmerman might be the answer. He has an awkward release on his outside shot but seems to be a natural scorer. In transition is very quick and athletic.