Monday, March 8, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Travis Upchurch (Bridgeport, CT) Entry #4

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

This is Travis Upchurch back again to let you guys know how my week went. 

On Sunday, I played the game with my Lil brother, studied for a couple of classes and finished homework. Later I dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for forty minutes and then did twenty pull-ups. Finally, I showed my brother a few moves and work with him on his ball handling. I made him do thirty push-up and thirty crunches. 

On Monday after school, I did five on five for a couple of hours. Then I worked on getting to my spot and pull-ups. I’m getting better shooting off the dribble and pulling up in the defender face. I always pick the worse team to take as many shots and work on my game. 

On Tuesday after school, I headed to the gym to work out. We worked on shifting all day. We work on coming off a screen while catching and shooting. I had to make multiple moves to set myself up for a pull-up. I took about eighty free throws and worked on catching and shooting. 

On Wednesday I worked out with my cousin. It was just like Tuesday’s workout. We did come off the screen pull ups and if the big man switch, we hit him up. The next thing we did was driving right and a little spin away fade away shot. My cousin and I worked on it on four on four mainly calling for screens and getting the switch. 

On Thursday after school, I finished my homework then dribbled on the trampoline for thirty minutes and played my brother in Madden and 2k. Later after did forty push-ups with forty crunches before I went to go my hair done. I finished the night off with an ice bath. 

On Friday I left school early for Made Hoops. It was an eight-hour drive and listened to music. I listen to what my dad had to say and how I need to set up my teammates and stay aggressive the whole game. I texted the team group chat getting everyone motivated for the weekend. 

On Saturday we had three games. Our first was against New Heights. We played really well that game we just needed to execute a little better at the end of the game. Everyone did their job and came out with the win. Our second game was against Team Durant and we played really well and everyone rebounded. Jaylen and I hit game winning free throws. In our last game was against Team United. We started out a little slow but the second half we picked it up and executed at the end. I hit game winning free throws that game also. We went 3-0 that day.