Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Travis Upchurch (Bridgeport, CT) Entry #3

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

It’s Travis Upchurch and I’m back with another update on how my week went. 

On Sunday, we had two game against AZ Uplay and the NY Gauchos. Our first game against Uplay we played hard the whole game, we fought back never gave up but came up short on the win. In our NY Gauchos matchup, we had a great start to the game the whole team was hot. We could have done better in the second but we still won the game. We have to execute better throughout the game. I got home that night and finished my homework for all classes. 

On Monday after school I finished all my homework then dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for one hour and did thirty pull-ups with eighty sit-ups. I finished the night out with seventy push-ups and forty squats. 

On Tuesday after school, I ran fours for three hours. I worked on my shot and finishing at different angles when getting to the rim. I worked on my pull up jump shot and a little screen work but mainly just putting up a lot of shots. 

On Wednesday, I woke up and dribbled before I had to leave off to school. After school I studied for my science test and headed off to the gym. I ran fours again but that day I worked on in tight game how to control the pace of the game and getting to the spot I wanted to get to. I had to work more on executing at the end of games. Got home and hanged on the pull-up bar for two minutes three times. 

On Thursday, after school I took a little nap. I woke up finished homework then dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for thirty minutes. Later I did four sets up twenty-five pushups, thirty-five crunches and fifteen squats. Finally, I hung on the pull-up bar for two minutes and did fifteen pull-ups. 

On Friday, after school I did half my homework and dribbled on my dribbling trampoline, then I headed off to practice in Massachusetts. We had a great practice energy and we all competed. Overall, it was great effort. 

On Saturday, we had tryouts early in the morning. Tryouts were from 8:30 to 10:30 it was a great work out and good runs. After the tryouts I headed back to Connecticut and when I played five on five at the gym for an hour. I finally got home and hung on the bar for three minutes.