Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Travis Upchurch (Bridgeport, CT) Entry #6

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

This is Travis Upchurch back again to let you guys know how my week went. 

On Sunday I dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for one hour and did eighty crunches and thirty pull ups. After I relaxed, I went out with my aunt and little cousin for a little bit and we played basketball at the court. I took a lot of threes and pull ups at the free throw line. I got home and did twenty pull-up with fifty push-ups. 

On Monday I headed up to practice with Massachusetts with the EYBL team. We worked on ball handling and shooting threes and went over our plays. At the end of practice, we played five on five and scrimmaged the EYBL team. Mainly we worked on making the defense collapse and kicking the ball. It was tough to score but it was great work and good play games. 

On Tuesday we worked on ball handling and catch and shoot. We did two-hand ball handling and form shooting before we got did catching and shooting from three-point range. At the end of the workout, we had to make moves at the free throw line after dribbling from half court. We summed up the workout with full county sprints. 

On Wednesday we had practice again with the EYBL team and started out slow but we picked it up. First, we did the three-man weave then went right into a 3 on 2 to 1 on 2 drill. Next, we worked on ball handling and shoot threes again. Then we walked through all our plays and played against the EYBL team. We had to pick up them up the full 94 feet and we all play hard. We ran through all our sets against them and execute them well. 

On Thursday I headed home from Massachusetts to Bridgeport. When I got back to Bridgeport, I headed right to the gym to play pick up ball for one hour and thirty minutes. I just worked on making the defense collapse and getting to my spot and pulling up at the three-point line. I also worked on getting to the rim and finishing with both hands. 

On Friday we headed off to Virginia and before we left, I just dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for forty-five minutes and then played my little brother in Madden and 2K. I got to Virginia at two in the morning, ate noodles before bed and was ready for Saturday’s game. 

On Saturday we played Boo Williams and beat them by thirty points. We were focused, came out strong and played a good game. When someone scored the ball, it felt like we all scored. The energy we picked up from each other and the crowd made the difference in the game. We executed of plays, scored and made stops. After the game we went to the mall and just walked around for about an hour or two. After the mall we headed to the coach’s hotel and did a walk through on the team we play tomorrow. Finally, after the walk through everyone went to their rooms to get rest.