Monday, March 15, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Travis Upchurch (Bridgeport, CT) Entry #5

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 
This is Travis Upchurch back again to let you guys know how my week went. 

On Sunday we played Team Takeover and lost by one point. We played a great game and everyone fought to the end. We took an eight-hour drive home with a lost and it wasn’t the greatest feeling. During the car ride home, I just wanted to play them again, I wanted a rematch. When we get home, I finish homework. 

On Monday after school, I took a nap and then played my brother in 2k. He begged me to play him all day. Then I dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for thirty minutes. When dribbling I worked on a lot of combo moves and going behind my back. When finished did twenty-five pull-ups. 

On Tuesday, after school I went to the gym to play four on four. My team couldn’t be taken off. Whenever it came down to end the game I stepped up and took over. I never let anyone else end the game if it’s supposed to be your team. In the beginning my pull up and floaters weren’t falling but as I kept shooting, they started to drop. 

On Wednesday during school the 9th graders were in the gym and I was able to play with them. I worked on making five moves, getting to the rim or pulling up from the midrange. After school finished some of my homework and dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for a few minutes before the gym opened. The gym was packed and when playing teams didn’t want to get off so they fouled and argued the entire game. I did what I do best by getting to the rim and hitting the little floater. After the gym I finished homework for school. 

On Thursday in school, I had an interview with another school. The school sounded amazing and the lady was telling me great thing about the school. She also asked me questions about my life inside and outside of school. After school was over, I went home, studied for classes and did all my homework. Later I played Call of Duty with my cousin and carried him every game. After playing the game we were on FaceTime while doing crunches and pull-ups together. After playing the game a little more I dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for twenty minutes. 

On Friday I wasn’t feeling good, so my school asked me to take a COVID test and it messed up everything. I was going to go up to Rhode Island for team practice but couldn’t because of the COVID test. I couldn’t leave the house for a second and it was frustrating. I watch a lot of basketball on YouTube and dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for a long time. 

On Saturday my result came back negative but still wasn’t feeling the greatest. My aunt and cousin came over so I hung out with them all day. We just watched movies and chilled all day. After they left, I dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for an hour and watched a movie with my little brother. My younger brother and I did push-ups and crunches together before I stared playing Call of Duty.