Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Diary Of A Baller: Judah Hidalgo (Pennsauken, NJ) Entry #4

I’m back Basketball Spotlight world for week four of Diary of a Baller. 

Monday after I had finished school, I went in my weight room and did lifting for on my legs and a core. I couldn’t go outside to shoot or anything like that cause it had rained in the morning. On 

Tuesday after I finished my homework, I had had a game at total turf to keep me active and moving since I can’t get out as much because of quarantine. We won the game and are still undefeated. 

On Wednesday when school was over, I went to an open run for another high school. They are one of the best in New Jersey right now. When I came home, I studied for the algebra test I had on Friday. 

Thursday it rained, after I got out of school, I did an arm and shoulder workout in my weight room. I couldn’t go outside so I just went in my basement and worked on my ball handling so I can lose the ball less. Then I I did my homework and studied again for my algebra test. 

Friday it also rained so I couldn’t go outside again. I finished school since it was the weekend. I didn’t do my homework right away but I just did a chest and back workout in my weight room. Then I just rested for the rest of the day. 

Saturday it was my off day to give my body a rest and take it slow for a day since I was going to be out on Sunday. 

On Sunday morning I went to my Team Final tryouts for both our seventh and eighth grade team. We had a good tryout and I can’t wait for our team to get back out there and be able to go to places we couldn’t go because of the pandemic. 

But that’s it for me this week. I can’t wait to get back out there and play with my teammates but I’ll be back for another!!!