Thursday, November 12, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Session 2 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Session 2 was loaded with talent and new faces. Here’s our third look at the Class of 2025. 

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Session 2 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Jasaad Fenton Guard (Roxbury, MA)- Fenton is a very exciting guard that took the court at the Super Showcase. He has an array of dribbling moves and finishing techniques that separated him from the defenders. He showed the knack to score and create plays for his teammates. He brings a lot of flavor to the game.

Sebastian Lalo Guard (Morris Plain, NY)- Lalo was another dazzling guard on the Celtics squad. He had pin point accuracy on passing and could hit the open jumper. He was about to knife through the defense and create good ball movement. He teamed with Christian Nicholson to give defenders fits. We will be keeping an eye on this kid.

Daniel Witt Guard (Passaic, NJ)- Witt is a little raw but I did see some things in his game that can emerge in the future. He’s very aggressive and athletic. He was a contributor in the open floor and could be seen slashing in the half court. What will help Witt is picking his spots to attack and finding a great pace to play. He went a little too fast on occasion.

Destine Evans Forward (Trenton, NJ)- Evans showed his prowess in terms of rebounding and shot blocking. I like how he runs the floor and is willing to do the extra things to help his team win. He will be a name to know in the Mercer County area for years to come.

Brad Brown Guard (Teaneck, NJ)- This North Jersey guard was ready to go. He understood that this event required attacking. He was capable of getting rid of defenders off the bounce and challenging shot blockers at the rim. He should be a great plug for a high school in Passaic County.

Joseph Jennings Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- Jennings showed us some things in terms of handling the rock, creating for others and scoring at times. I would want to see him play with a little more intensity and maybe that will come with time. He’s an intriguing prospect so we will be watching out for him.

Khari Bryan Forward (Worchester, MA)- Bryan was like a Ron Artest type of player. He was a forward size but showed some point guard instincts. He looked to pass more than scoring which is rare in these types of events. His unselfishness stood out in this event.