Friday, November 13, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase gave us a look at some good talent. Here’s our first look at the top performers from the Class of 2026. 

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Christian Ware Guard (Bowie, MD) – Ware put his name in the hat as potentially the top point guard in the division. His handles were elite enabling him to get anywhere on the court slicing and dicing the defense. He can score or run his team getting everyone involved. Christian has great court vision and is an elite passer. Off the dribble he used his speed, quickness and moves on moves to blow by any defender that challenged him.

Noah Johnson Guard (Burlington, NJ) – Johnson was another high-level point guard that could be mentioned in the three-horse race for the top point guard in the division. He is a big strong guard that plays hard on both ends of the floor. He had multiple steals that turned into to easy buckets on the other end. He ran the fast break to perfection, and we saw him make some elite level passes. We like his ability to attack the rim and finish through contact.

Jayden McKie Guard (Philadelphia, PA) – Jayden was the third point guard in the division that played well enough to be named the top point guard in the division. He is tough as nails on both ends of the floor locking up as an on-ball defender. He had multiple steals in the event. McKie took the rock strong to the basket either converting or drawing a shooting foul. He also was a high-level passer. Anytime he is on the court his team has a chance to win.

Isaiah Gore Guard (Trenton, NJ) – Gore is a high IQ combo guard. He plays the game to his strengths and he was one of the better long-range jump shooters in the division. He has good handles where he can get to his spots to score the ball. We liked his ability to score over length using his floater game.

Sam Clachko Guard (Westport, CT) – He was the recipient of layup after layup after layup. Snell knew how to move without the ball, and he was always in the right position on the floor. This kid was a baller that could finish through contact and find open teammates for assists. We liked his defensive mindset as we saw him pick pocket a good guard in the open court and head the other way for a layup.

Emmanuel Butts Forward (Clifton Heights, NJ)- Things are coming together for the towering Butts. His footwork and hands have improved while also showing touch around the basket. On defense he’s a total problem in the pain while altering or blocking shots in his area. He left after one game for a tournament but he made his presence felt.

Ty Barlow Guard (Philadelphia, PA) – This pint size guard was a killer on both ends of the floor. He had no fear and was always in attack mode putting pressure on the defense. He has a good handle that allowed him to create space, navigate the floor and get his shot off. Ty had a nice-looking jumper from the 3-point line as we saw him connect on a few triples while we were watching.