Friday, March 20, 2020

Spring Invitational 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Torrey Brooks 

The Basketball Spotlight Spring Invitational 6th Grade Division produced some future studs. Here’s Part 2 of our Top Performers. 

Spring Invitational 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Torrey Brooks Guard (League Bound) – Brooks is a fearless combo guard that gets buckets. He has range out to the NBA three-point line and isn’t afraid to let it fly. His primary duty for his squad is to score but he can also facilitate for his teammates. We saw him attack and kick multiple times along with nice drives and drop offs for layups. He had 19 points including 5 threes in the game we watched.

Rashaad Bledsoe Guard (League Bound) – Bledsoe is a big wing guard that likes to attack the rim. He finishes through contact and can knock down the open jumper with range out to the 3-point line if he is left open. We also like his ability to handle the ball and he is a willing passer.
Marjon Skillman Forward (NJ Rivals) – Skillman was one of those players that was a fresh face and we enjoyed watching him play. He is just scratching the surface of this potential. He has great size at the wing forward position playing with great energy and a high motor, he was able to score in a variety of ways. He is best in transition or attacking the rim in the half court. Marjon also gets a lot of rebounds and can defend 4 positions on the court.
Isaiah Gore Guard (NJ Rivals) – Gore is one of the Rivals primary scorers. We liked how he didn’t back down when his team was overmatched by a big physical Riverside Hawks team. He kept putting pressure on the defense by attacking the rim and converting and ones. He has range out to the three-point line and seems to always be in attack mode. Although a primary off the ball scorer he can move over to the one and run his team distributing to his teammates and picking his spots to score.
Ryan Ianniello Guard (New Heights) – Ryan is a certified sniper from deep. He only needs a little daylight and he is letting it fly form behind the arc. In today’s game a three-point shooter is very important if a team wants to win and be successful. Ryan fits the bill as he knocked down 4 threes in the game we watched.
Stevan Pantaleon Forward (New Heights) – Stevan was one of the better prospects we saw in the 6th grade division. With elite size for the forward position his best days are ahead of him as he progresses in his basketball career. He has a raw offensive skill set but he can move very well for his size and he can finish around the basket. Defensively he clogs up the lane blocking shots and rebounding.
Logan Cifferello Guard (Success School) – In the short time we got to see his team play Logan was a standout for his squad. He is a big combo guard that was primarily playing the point. With his size he can see over the defense and make the right pass. He is hard to stop going to the basket due to his size and physicality. He played with a great pace and you could tell he has a high basketball IQ.