Thursday, March 26, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2027 Top 25 Player Performance Rankings

Stetson Merrit

Since the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp we got a chance to see many players in the Class of 2027. We conducted several events such as King Of The Capital, Slam Dunk Breast Cancer, Tip Off Classic, Clash For The Cup and Spring Invitational. We have comprised a list of the Top 25 Class of 2027 Players we saw. This list is based on player performance and is only our opinion and should be taken as such. PLEASE NOTE: WE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME PLAYERS MIGHT APPEAR ON THIS LIST BECAUSE OF THEIR AGE. IF SO PLEASE CONTACT US TO EDIT IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS A GRADE BASED RANKING! 

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2027 Top 25 Player Performance Rankings 

1. Stetson Merritt Forward (Albany City Rock)- Meritt’s performances at the Future Phenom Camp (MVP) and Slam Dunk Break Cancer (MVP) solidifies his spot at #1 thus far. His size matched with versatility and skill set makes him a super difficult match up on this level. We will be looking forward to seeing come down with his AAU squad soon.

2. Tyler Sutton Guard (DPS Success)- Sutton brought his game to the Future Phenom Camp and the Slam Dunk Breast Cancer. He recently had a great performance at the Spotlight Spring Invitational that helped his secure the #2 Spot. This kid can go.
3. Bryce Clark Guard (Philly Triple Threat)- Clark was a beast at the King Of The Capital and took home MVP honors at the Slam Dunk Breast Cancer. The crafty point guard is a pest on the defensive end and can dominant a game without scoring. He helped PTT win the Tip Off Classic Crown.
4. Korey Francis Guard (WE R 1 Future)- After putting up killer numbers at the Future Phenom Camp, Francis took it to the Spotlight circuit. He put up serious numbers in We R 1 Future’s Tip Off Classic Championship and Clash For The Cup Runner Up.
5. Semaj Stone Guard (DPS Success)- After a stellar Future Phenom Camp, Stone kept the success going at the Slam Dunk Breast Cancer. Most recently the triple threat scorer caught fire during the Spring Invitational helping his squad reach the championship game.
6. Dwayne Ruffin Guard (We R 1 Future)- Ruffin waited to the Spotlight tournament circuit to show his worth. The sparkplug showed the confidence and swag to help his squad win the Tip Off Classic and runner up at the Tip Off Classic.
7. Yasir Turner Guard (Fidonce)- Turner’s performance at the Future Phenom Camp was so remarkable that he remains in the Top 10. We are looking to see more of him on the 5th Grade level for a great evaluation.
8. Angel Conde Guard (NY Rens)- Conde’s game speaks for itself. The guard packs the unique abilities to score and set up teammates on a high level. He showed his worth on the Spotlight Circuit.
9. TJ Allen Forward (SBA 2027)- You have to love this kid’s game. He’s upper versatile which makes him a serious matchup problem. I see a lot of good things out of this kid in the future.
10. Andre Robinson Forward (Fidonce)- Robinson showed promise during the Slam Dunk Breast Cancer and during the Clash For The Cup. The big forward showed he could score and hit the glass.
11. Jeff Harrison Guard (We R 1 Future) 

12. Shawn Hill Guard (Team Thrill) 

13. Kamden Jackson Guard (Team Delaware) 

14. Jeremiah Camara Guard (Fidonce) 

15. Julian Harris Guard (New Heights)

16. Ryan Melniczak Guard (T Town Ballers) 

17. Jahkeem Carroll Guard (We R 1 Future) 

18. Infinite Sincere Amen Guard (KSK) 

19. Santana Hodge Guard (NJ Rivals) 

20. Everett Kelley Guard (New Heights)
21. Ian Smith Guard (DPS Success) 

22. Shawn Munson Guard (Fidonce) 

23. Kharter Tobias Forward (Team Thrill) 

24. Trey Newton Guard (NY Dragons) 

25. Logan Gale Guard (T Town Ballers)