Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2024 Top 30 Player Performance Rankings

Ian Jackson

Since the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp we got a chance to see many players in the performance Class of 2026. We conducted several events such as King Of The Capital, Slam Dunk Breast Cancer, Tip Off Classic, Clash For The Cup and Spring Invitational. We have comprised a list of the Top 30 Class of 2024 Players we saw. This list is based on player and is only our opinion and should be taken as such. PLEASE NOTE: WE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME PLAYERS MIGHT APPEAR ON THIS LIST BECAUSE OF THEIR AGE. IF SO PLEASE CONTACT US TO EDIT IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS A GRADE BASED RANKING! 

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2024 Top 30 Player Performance Rankings 

1. Ian Jackson Forward (Wiz Kids)- Jackson 8th Grade campaign thus far has been outstanding. He led his team to the Future Phenom Camp Championship (Top 5), Slam Dunk Breast Cancer MVP, J.E.M. Holiday Classic Championship (MVP), Tip Off Classic Championship (Blue Division MVP) and Spring Invitational Championship (Orange Division MVP). That being said he tops our list at #1.

2. Ahmad Nowell Guard (Team Final)- Nowell waited for the Spotlight circuit to shine but wasted no time as he led Team Final to Championships in both the Tip Off Classic and Clash For The Cup. The powerful guard displayed scoring, play making and the ability to lead the team. He flat put gets it done.
3. Elliot Cadeau Guard (NY Lightning)- After a stellar performance at the Future Phenom Camp, Elliot helped the NY Lightning reach the finals of the Tip Off Classic. Most recently he showed up at the Spring Invitational and dazzled the crowd on Day 1.
4. Jahseem Felton Guard (B Maze Elite)- Felton tormented the competition at the Future Phenom Camp. He attacked every way he could and carried his squad to a championship showdown. Him conquering the field led to his #4 ranking.
5. Dylan Seay Forward (Team Final)- Seay shined at the Future Phenom Camp, Slam Dunk Breast Cancer and helped Team Final won the first two tournaments on the Spotlight Circuit. The Future Roselle Catholic stud has had a great middle school career thus far.
6. Dwayne Pierce Guard (Rising Stars Elite)- Pierce finished as the top shooting guard at the Future Phenom Camp. He’s a legit wing that possesses several tools that translate to the next level.
7. Tarik Watson Forward (NY Lightning)- Watson finished as one of the top players at the Future Phenom Camp. In his next Spotlight outing he patrolled the middle for the Lightning as they made a finals run at the Tip Off Classic.
8. Kabrien Goss Guard (T Town Ballers)- After cracking the Top 10 at the Future Phenom Camp, Goss snatched the MVP Award at the Slam Dunk Breast Cancer. He went on the numerous middle school events with Foundation Academy while also helping T Town Ballers win the Clash For The Cup Championships (Blue Division MVP).
9. Tahaad Pettiford Guard (NY Lightning)- The southpaw got buckets at the Future Phenom Camp and kept the streak going with a 20 point outburst at the Slam Dunk breast Cancer. Finally, he had good showings at the Tip Off Classic and Spring Invitational.
10. Anthony Gilkes Forward (NJ Scholars)- The production is catching up to Gilkes huge upside. The lanky wing first lead New Heights to the final four of the of the Tip Off Classic and then helped NJ Scholars reach the championship of the Clash For The Cup.
11. Nassir Cunningham Forward (NJ Scholars)- Cunningham is Gikes side kick and made a splash in his Spotlight debut at the Tip Off Classic. His game took a bigger leap at the Clash with his play and teams’ success.
12. Jeremiah Jenkins Guard (Expressions Elite)- Jenkins has the rock on a string and gets anywhere on the floor. He cashed in at the Future Phenom Camp and also stepped in the scoring column of the Clash For The Cup as Expressions made final four run.
13. Mike Jones Jr. Guard (Team Final)- Jones cracked the Top 15 at the Future Phenom Camp and went right work on the circuit playing alongside Nowell and helping Team Final take home two Spotlight championships. His scoring and play making has been on the display for the country.
14. Alex Berry Forward (Expressions Elite)- Berry was perhaps the best long-range prospect at the Future Phenom Camp. He’s just getting started on his path to the big time.
15. Samir Thomas Guard (NJ Playaz)- The wing displayed his talent at the Future Phenom Camp finishing in the Top 20 and playing in the All-American Game. He also proved to be one of the top players on several Spotlight Middle School and AAU events.
16. Jakai Sanders Guard (NY Lightning) 

17. Touari Ketner Forward (K Low Elite) 

18. Darmani Santiago Guard (Team Spartans) 

19. Elijah Moore Guard (Wiz Kids) 

20. Danny Carbuccia Guard (NY Gauchos)

21. Richard Brisco Forward (NYC Broncos) 

22. Badara Diakite Forward (NY Lightning) 

23. Johnuel Fland Guard (PSA Cardinals) 

24. Nahkeem Singleton Forward (Team Spartans) 

25. Reggie Selden Guard (Hilltoppers Basketball Club)

26. Travis UpChurch Guard (Expressions Elite) 

27. Jeremy Clarkville Guard (Hilltoppers Basketball Club) 

28. Toby Ojukwu Guard (NY Lightning) 

29. Jalen Clagett Guard (NJ Bulldogs) 

30. Jaden Barnett Guard (NJ Bulldogs)