Saturday, September 8, 2018

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 3

Alex Berry

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 gave us a chance to check out some fresh faces and usual suspects. Here’s Part 3 of our top performers. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 3 

Alex Berry Guard (Massachusetts)- Last summer Massachusetts send us a forward Alex Karaban who used the Future Phenom Camp to introduce himself to the nation. This summer Alex Berry followed his footsteps. Early in the camp I traded Alex to another team thinking his was post forward but his play proved me wrong early. He’s a smooth wing that shows some point guard tendencies, a nice jumper and plays above the rim when giving the opportunity. His feel for the game is something to watch and I’m intrigued about how his game will progress. We might have something here.

Malik Bowman Forward (Maryland)- Bowman started the camp out coasting around the perimeter but picked up his play as the game went on. He showed some perimeter skills but his teammates expecting him to get inside and bang. He did a little of both and ended up having a very productive weekend. He’s in a very interesting spot meaning on the youth level everyone once him to go inside while he’s trying to prepare for his future in basketball where the game has been pushed to the perimeter.
Brian Dawkins Guard (Pennsylvania)- I apologized on social media for mistakenly leaving Dawkins out of the AGame All American Game because his play deserved it. The tough nose Philly guard was no nonsense in terms of attacking and making plays. He plays the game at his own pace and leaves the emotions for others. On defense he digs in 94 feet and doesn’t mind sacrificing his body. Dawkins can give you the drive, draw and dish game or go on a little scoring streak if needed.
Kalik Sharp Guard (New York)- This energetic guard plays the game with tremendous. He attacks with reckless abandon. He uses a variety of moves to get to the cup and can score with the best of them. He plays every possession like it’s his last. As his game progresses he will learn how to pick his spots a little better and change his pace a little more often.
Mason So Guard (Virginia)- Mason is a throwback point guard. In the day when many guards look to score So doesn’t mind dropping dimes. This makes his game look more attractive especially in a camp setting. I like his penetration skills and low dribble to keep the help defense from reaching in.
Evenson St-Franc Forward (Massachusetts)- Mark my words you haven’t heard the last of this kid. He has good size and great athleticism. He passes the look test with a long wing span. He makes plays off the bounce but doesn’t have full control of his body yet. Once he develops the strength to finish off tough plays he will be a total problem.