Friday, September 7, 2018

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 2

Christian Bliss

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 gave us a chance to check out some fresh faces and usual suspects. Here’s Part 2 of our top performers. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 2 

Christian Bliss Guard (New York)- The floor general’s team didn’t go far in the event but he still did damage. His ability to see plays before they develop helps him excel on a high level. He’s not the most athletic guard in the building but his craftiness keeps him ahead of the pack. He knows how to create plays for his teammates and score in traffic. His vocal skills will also take him a long way as a extension of the coach on the floor.

Jayden Reid Guard (New York)- An NBA front office exec was in the building and said Reid was the best guard in the house. I can’t blame because the Big Apple combo wrecked shop all weekend. He broke down defenders with ease and finished with either hand in traffic. He’s so aggressive offensively that it seems the defense is always on their heels. He has some flair in his game but still attacks with cruel intentions. He also will nail that jumper if you try to back off.
Reid Belcher Guard (Pennsylvania)- Belcher played with Mason Piorkowski and they formed a great duo. He played the combo role and looked good scoring from the perimeter by knocking down jumpers and using the good floater. His handle was tight and he was fearless attacking the defense. He really impressed us and we look forward to seeing more of him.
Tahaad Pettiford Guard (New Jersey)- There have been some brash southpaws throughout basketball such as Nick Van Exel and Kenny Anderson. Now steps in Garden State native Pettiford. His game speaks volume as he attacked the defenders, excelled in transition and wasn’t scared to let defenders know he was cooking. He was wired to score and got busy on several occasions.
Toriyan Johnson Forward (Massachusetts)- The big lefty standing close to 6’8 was a problem inside on both ends. He was a space eater who can score close especially kissing it off the glass. On defense he clogged the lane, altered shots and was a factor on the boards. He also has decent touch from the mid-range area. For the next level he must improve his quickness and athleticism but he has time and his best basketball days are still ahead of him.
Gavin Murphy Guard (Connecticut)- Murphy had a solid weekend. Still showing us, he’s improving his floor game in terms of driving and kicking. Of course, he still has a mean ratchet and isn’t afraid from pulling it from anywhere. He plays the game with supreme passion and will only get better in time.