Thursday, September 6, 2018

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 1

Jonathan Guerrier

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 gave us a chance to check out some fresh faces and usual suspects. Here’s Part 1 of our top performers. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 1 

Jonathan Guerrier Forward (Massachusetts)- This fresh face from Mass came to let the world know he has arrived. He’s an athletic wing forward that has all the intangibles combined with power. He’s explosive especially in the open an when driving the lane absorbing contact. He also finishes above the rim with ease while catching a couple of bodies during the camp. He was in strong contention for the MVP jacket.

Rahmir Barno Guard (Pennsylvania)- The best fresh face from last summer wasn’t a surprise coming in to this camp but it didn’t matter because he’s so difficult to contain. Barno has blinding speed but can changed directions or stop on a dime which leaves the defender baffled. When defenders tried to back off him he pulled the trigger from deep. In transition he’s a nightmare because he pushes the rock with evil intentions. Finally, I love the way he finishes at the cup especially around shot blockers.
Malik Olafioyo Guard (Michigan)- Malik returned from Michigan to move up in the rankings and got the job done. The shifty guard plays with extreme poise and displays a mean skillset. He can score from all three levels. He also has an arsenal of dribble moves including hesitations and stop and go’s. When finishing off plays his body control had shot blockers frustrated. By far one of the best guards in the building.
Will Lobor Forward (Massachusetts)- Lobor came down with the loaded X group from Mass. The lanky forward is oozing with potential. He passes the look test standing about 6’5 or 6’6, long arms, runs the floor like a gazelle and puts the rock on the deck. His wingspan makes him very useful on the defensive end also. He’s able to guard multiple positions and hit the glass. Don’t be surprised when its said and done he ends of the best prospect on this list.
Cian Medley Guard (New Jersey)- Speaking of guards that wanted to improve their stock from last summer look no further than Medley. The Garden State guard finished #30 last summer but returned this time with a vengeance. He has good quickness with a Rod Strickland type craftiness with rock. He has the ability to zoom plays the first layer then freeze the secondary before finishing at the rim. He’s strong with either hand, can hit the jumper and see the floor. He went from #30 to cracking the top 10 and playing in the AGame All American Game.
AKil Watson Forward (New York)- Once this kid realizes how good he could be it could be curtains for opponents. Watson has all the physical attributes you want from a wing player. He has versatility on both ends and a legit skill set. Sometimes he gets into cruise control but when the motor is on there’s not many better then him. He finished ranked #13 and played in the AGame All American Game.