Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Christian Bliss (Flushing, NY) Entry #1

Christian Bliss

Hello Basketball Spotlight world, 

I’m Christian Bliss an 8th Grader from Flushing, NY. I would like to thank Basketball Spotlight for giving me the opportunity to let you guys into my world. Here’s how my first week went;

Monday- Today I woke up 6:15 like my routine everyday I ate breakfast took a shower and brushed my teeth.The school day seemed forever as a usual Monday would feel. Once I got home after school I went to my condition trainer from 3:30 to 5 and got some great work in. Really pushed myself, that’s the only way you become elite. This year I’m really focusing on getting my speed and bounce up. I feel with a different level of explosiveness I will be a tough matchup for anyone. He is definitely one of the best trainers on the east coast to work with, I highly recommend scheduling a session with him. I got home took care of everything I had to do: did my daily sets and went to sleep. 

Tuesday- I got a good night's rest ready for the school day and I had my first math quiz of the year. After school, I took the bus home and finished my homework so I don’t worry about that for the rest of the day. I did my sets before I left to open run for 2 hours for my high school varsity team and was ready to go. I got some good run with the older guys and played my game. After I left to another gym and worked out for another two hours. I’ve been working hard all summer and I think I am ready to play at my best this season. 

Wednesday- I had no school due to a Jewish holiday so I took advantage and got to go in the pool for a little. Then I went to my strength and conditioning trainer and got some good work in. We did a lot of Core work today just getting my body on the level I need to get it at. When I went home, I ate dinner and took a shower and then went to La Fitness. I did some core work there and then got some shots up and played in open run. It was a long day for me and I needed to be ready for school tomorrow morning. 

Thursday- It was a long school day for me, I got home and took a good nap. I was tired from yesterday and knew I needed to do my homework and study for my test tomorrow. Once I woke up I did pushups and situps and then got started on my homework. I had about 2 hours of homework and then studied for my test for another 30 minutes. I got good sleep and was ready for my test in the morning. 

Friday- School felt like it went by quick today and I was excited for the weekend. After school I got home and went to the gym and worked on my lower body. I mainly focused on my quads and calves and did a lot of exercises that help with my explosiveness. I didn’t want to do to much with my upper body because I have a game tomorrow and want to be ready to play. I am excited for this upcoming season with my Ren’s family. You can best believe we are coming different this year! 

Saturday- I had a orthodontist appointment early in the morning. Then I had a game later in the day at Gauchos gym in the Bronx. We as a team are getting ready for the season. We are playing in this tournament just to play together and build some chemistry before we go to the bigger tournaments later in the year. When I got home I did some pushups and situps because I needed to rest my legs. After the game I got home and went out to eat dinner with my family. When I got home I watched film on Damian Lillard. My big bro Justin Wright (who is definitely going to the league after the year at Hofstra) explained to me why it is important to watch players like him. He taught me a lot about studying moves and footwork. 

Sunday- I woke up around 10 and went to the gym at 11. I worked on my my hips mostly and did a little leg work. I then went to my friends house for a little to watch football and was happy because the Giants won. Then I went and played basketball at the park with my brother and his friends. It was fun, I haven’t played in the park for a long time. I then got home and I was leaving to Long Island back to my house for the weekdays. I stay with my coach who is more like an uncle to me and my teammate Dante who is more like a brother to me. I am thankful for my coach giving me this opportunity and looking forward to my 8th grade year.

See you guys next week, signing off
Christian Bliss