Monday, October 23, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Jayden Pierre (Roselle, NJ) Entry #6

Jayden Pierre At African American History And Culture Museum

Good Day Spotlight World, 

It's Jayden "JP" Pierre with entry #6 of my Diary 

Monday, I woke up feeling good and ready to start the day. I had a real good day at school, we had open gym after school, but only got to play 5 on 5 for short period of time. After leaving the school I wanted to play some more, so I asked my dad to dropped me off at the recreation center. I got some good runs in with the older guys at the center. When I got home, I did my homework then went to bed. 

Tuesday, the school day went by slow, and felt longer than usual. After school I didn’t have any basketball workouts, I had strength and conditioning with Annex Sports, this week they focused on my legs strength, balance, and my jumping abilities. They also did my vertical test, it came out to 33 inches. I was told for my age and height, that's really good. When I got home I did some push-ups and toe raises, took a shower and went to sleep. 

Wednesday, school went by extremely fast. It was teachers, parent’s conference day. I've been doing great in school, I have an A average in all my classes, all my teachers spoke very highly of me and my parents were very pleased. After leaving the conference, I headed to the gym, I had a three hour workout with BadSocietyBball. We started with some ball handling then we worked on a lot of full court transition drills. Once I left there, I went home got my homework done, did some push-ups, then went to bed. 

Thursday, I woke up feeling tired. We didn't have any workouts at the school, so I went to the barbershop and got a haircut. My dad picked me up from the barbershop, and we went to the recreation center, it was pretty packed in there. I was able to get on the court right away and play a couple of good games with the older guys. My shot was falling, it's like I couldn't miss. My team won every game. I felt real good when I got home. 

Friday we had a half day, it went by so fast, and it felt like we didn’t even have school. Right after school we had open gym. My team didn't lose any games, we started throwing lobs and attempting different dunks during the games, because we knew we wasn't going lose anyway. Open gym is always fun, especially when your team is winning. I had to leave early, I had a dentist appointment. After leaving the dentist, I went to the gym, I had another three hour workout with BadSocietyBball. It was a real intense workout. We worked on finishing through contact. I was tired after leaving the gym. I went home and went to bed, I had to be in the gym at 9 am. 

Saturday I woke up early and was in the gym by 9 am. I got on the shooting gun, and shot for an hour. These Saturday morning workouts on the shooting gun, have really been helping my shot. When I got done, my dad and I headed to the Bronx, I was invited to the Jim Couch National Training Showcase. We did a lot of different drills, it was an all-day event and I had a fun time. The games were scheduled for Sunday. I couldn't make it, I had plans to go to D.C. with my family. 

Sunday was an exciting day. My family and I had an appointment to the African American Museum in Washington D. C. This trip was very informative. We read and learned about a lot of great people. I learned about the slave trade. There was a lot of different replicas and artifacts, but we didn’t get to see the entire museum. The museum has 4 floors and they are all filled with information and models of things from the past. This was a great experience, and history lesson, I can’t wait to go back. 

God Bless, see you guys next week 

Jayden "JP" Pierre signing off 

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