Monday, April 3, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Terrence Clarke (Boston, MA) Entry #3

Terrence Clarke

Hey Basketball World, 

This is my third diary entry for BballSpotlight. This week was a calm and chill week. I didn't have a tournament or lots of plans for the weekend. I now went back and started classes. I didn't play lots of basketball through the week but I made use of my time most days to stay active. 

Waking up late throughout the week, Monday was a slow day. I went to classes pretty sloppy but picked it up throughout the day. After the school day, my school had MELP affair. We all went into the gym and shared what we learned and pictures of us on MELP. 

Tuesday, I picked up my body language and started my day on the right step. I went to classes and got most of my work done. After school, I went to baseball practice but I forgot my clothes. In result, I didn't participate in baseball. Wednesday, I started to put my mind towards leaving to go home for the weekend. After school, I went to baseball practice. I learned that I can't bat but I can catch and throw so I made a decision to move to track for the spring season. 

Since school was pretty slow, I decided to make use of my day to play basketball. After my classes I iced my knees for the day to start track practice on Friday. After icing my knees, I went to our outside basketball court since the day wasn't as cold. I got some shots up with one of my teammates and got to have a mini sweat. 

Starting Friday off, I knew I was heading home for the weekend so I stayed focused all day. After my classes, I went home to workout. Unfortunately, I didn't work out but I played basketball for the day. I played pickup and got some work in. 

Saturday, I got in the gym early in the morning and got shots up. For the rest of the day, I stayed home and got some more rest with lots of my friends and had fun with them. Knowing I had to go back to school, I knew it was time to get in the gym and work. Sunday, my team had workouts and I went pretty late but got there to get some work in. After, I went to the gym and stayed there for the day. This week, I wasn't so busy and I had lots of time to settle down due to being hurt because of my knees. 

Next weekend, I'll be playing in my first spring tournament for 15U. This week, I'll be managing my time more effectively and get ready to get to the chip for the weekend! Stay tuned for my next diary entry next, until then everyone bless up and stay in the books! 

T.Clarke Signing Out... 

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