Monday, January 23, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Adrissa Traore (Harlem, NY) Entry #7

Drissa Strolling Through NYC

Hey Basketball World!! 

Welcome to my 7th diary entry. I only have a few more entries to go. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my experience with everyone so far and I want to say thanks to everyone reading. 

On Monday, I didn't have school so I stayed home and relaxed and then went to Cardinal Hayes High School to watch their game against Ione Prep. Now that I am approaching high school, I am watching a lot of high school teams play when I can so I can get a better sense of what I can expect when I play next year and figure out what school I will attend. 

On Tuesday, I was chilling hang out with my family, which is kinda rare because I'm busy with school work and basketball. I enjoyed it. My coaches always tell me I have to trust the process and dedicate my time to becoming the best player I can be and it will open doors for me. I'm on a mission to go to college for free and then make money for what I love to do, playing ball. 

On Wednesday, we had a half day, so I decided to stay at school to get some help on homework and some extra credit. Then, I went over to my best friends place. 

On Thursday, after school, I got my work done then headed to a work out with Coach Greg. We used a weighted ball to work on handles and arm strength. We also worked my mid ranges and shooting the three ball. It was a good workout. 

On Saturday, I had two school games. We won and I felt I played well. I am glad to see that what I have been working on I am starting to do in the games and be successful at it. After my game, I went to workout. Work is never done and I know I have to constantly workout on my guard skills. I also worked out on Sunday, I was working on different finishing and my post game. 

That’s it for now. 
Peace out.