Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Adrissa Traore (Harlem, NY) Entry #6

Adrissa Working Hard

What's up, Basketball World. 

Welcome to diary entry #6. 

The beginning of my week I took care of business with school. I did my homework and took care of what I needed to so that I can prepare for my weekend at the Made Hoops League Tournament in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

On Thursday, I had a good day at school and went to work out and get ready for the weekend. On Thursdays at the gym I work out in, the high schoolers have open gym & play a lot of 5 on 5. I stayed and played because I felt it would help me prepare for Made Hoops and my upcoming school game the next day. 

On Friday, I had a calm day at school and was ready for my school game. Some of my teammates were out sick so I knew I had to step it up in order to keep my goal of an undefeated season alive. It was an exciting game, I played every well. I had a put back dunk and another dunk that had the crowd going crazy. It felt good playing well in front of the home crowd. Even some of the teachers were surprised, they never really saw me play before. 

On Saturday, it was the start of session 2 of Made Hoops in Springfield, Massachusetts. We woke up early and headed up to the tournament to play our first game of the weekend against a very talented Expressions team. They move the ball and can shot the ball very well. Unfortunately, we lost. We were missing some of our teammates that were playing for their school teams that day. However, they were able to make it for the rest of our games on Sunday and we won our remaining 2 games which puts us in a good position to make the playoffs going into our finals session in February. 

Before I go, I want shout out PSA Cardinals Class of 22. They also participated in Made Hoops and think they are a very talented team and have potential to be top in the country. 

Alright, that's it for this week. Peace.