Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Adrissa Traore (Harlem, NY) Entry #5

Adrissa and His Teammate

Hey Basketball World!! 

I hope you all had a blessed week. I have been doing alright, I won't complain. Let's dive into my week. 

On Monday, I was spent time with my brother, playing ball in the house with the mini hoop we have. I enjoy playing with him but you know I have to show him he can't beat me. Then went to the gym, we worked on rebounding and starting the break, going coast-to-coast. He is learning quickly and I am proud of him. Lastly, we went to Coach Greg's house to hang out and video games with Isaac Santiago, also plays with the PSA Cardinals. We've known and played with each other since the 4th grade and we have a strong relationship, watch the kid going through a lot and got way better as a person and a ball player. I will always love that kid. 

On Wednesday, I stayed home to finish up some homework because the next day I was going to have school. My friends came over so we can finish the word and after we were done with the school work we went to school practice to work on all our plays. We were working on breaking the zone defense and our press breakers. 

On Thursday, I started school, it was just a normal day. We had our first game of the season. I played well and so did my other teammates. We won by 20 but honestly we should have won by 40. We have to remain focused for the entire game. We got a little lazy defensively end and they start scoring more. 

On Saturday, my teammates and I had our 2nd game. It was an exciting game even though you were up the whole game. And after I went to my friends game, in the Bronx. He played very well and I could see how much better he has gotten. That was nice to see. 

On Sunday, I did a lot of weight lifting, getting my weight up and getting my upper body stronger. I have to get ready for High School and getting stronger is a big part of that. Until next time. I hope you all have a great week.