Tuesday, September 15, 2015


PLAYTIME Tryouts: 
Oct. 3rd 9U/10U @9am 
11U/12U @11:30am 
13U/14U @2pm 
Only committed candidates need apply. 
OPEN TRYOUTS. Roster selection Oct 10th. 
Practice begins soon after. 

250 Colonial CT 
Teaneck NJ 07666 

Preseason Teach Me Classic League begins Nov 14th so hurry and tryout, sign up and get better right away with the most competitive home-based hosted league NJ has to offer. This is not a "Pay for Play" program. We are an "Earn your Play" program. 

PLAYTIME Basketball (Bergen County based program) have been on top of their game since 2008 and have rostered the most competitive Middle School teams since it's inception and rosters 3 HS teams in the Spring for Live Period participation. Early interested candidates, email FatherKnowBest@gmail.com and check our website for more details. www.PlaytimeBasketball.com The name sticks, the environment is great, and a family orientated atmosphere is the best you can get in the North East Region. 

P - Persistent 
L - Learning 
A - Athletics 
Y - Youthful 
T - Tenacious 
I - Intense 
M - Motivating 
E - Environment