Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2020 Top Performers Part 3 (Fresh Faces)

Jyare Davis (Delaware)

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp has become the stage to introduce top players to the nation. This year was much of the same as we had several players that made their Spotlight debut and shined. Our final look at the Class of 2020 we will feature the new faces on the scene at the Future Phenom Camp. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2020 Top Performers (Fresh Faces) 

Jyare’ Davis Forward (Delaware)- This kid had an outbreak season and his name is ringing bells. I must say he is worth all the talk and maybe more. Davis is a forward but handles the rock like a guard with explosion. He can break defenders off the bounce and finish above the rim whenever he desires. I also saw that he was willing to put together moves which create space off the bounce. Lately Delaware has been producing some studs and you can add this kid to the list. I can see the AAU bidding wars already heating over this rising 8th Grader.

Isaiah LeBlanc Forward (Texas)- This Texas native fills up the stat sheet with whatever his team needs to win. He can score from the two or three spot. But will also stick his head inside to grab some boards. He has a developing skill set and is nowhere near done growing. But what he does have that will make future scouts marvel is his motor, work ethic and willingness to get the job done. Remember this name because I know I will. 

Rashad McDaniels Guard (Missouri)- If you’re a basketball purist you have to love this kid. He plays every game like it’s his last. He constantly in attack mode and finishes on all three levels. When he staring down a defender or coming in full speed you need to know that he means business. He has to be regarded as one of the top guards in the country. He will be a joy to coach for anyone in the country. 

Luke Kasubke Guard (Missouri)- A scrappy two-guard that does everything on the court to win. Luke will drain a three on one end then take a charge or dive for a loss ball on the defensive side. He has the heart of lion so he will rebound with the best of them. He also doesn’t care about who he guards on defense. He was another kid I loved watching play.

Kenny Womack Guard (Maryland)- Most young guards don’t respect the essence of a mid-range game but Womack seems to embrace it and understands how it helps his overall package. He primarily plays the point but can pull his scoring card whenever needed. He has tons on experience on this level and showed it at this event. He can be a real good floor general one day. 

Rico Lang Forward (Maryland)- The Big fella reminded me of Oliver Miller because he has size but he light on his feet and has good touch. He showed the ability to put moves together and finish at the cup. He had the court presence to use his body to negate shot blockers and score the ball. He also showed great effort in hitting the glass. 

Zach Martini Forward (New Jersey)- He introduced himself to me as Zach Martini like the drink. I have to say he was a good blend of hustle, toughness with a little shot of finishing. This kid had no fear and banged against some of the best forwards in the country. I like his southpaw finishing technique and his willingness to battle for position or a carom. I heard he’s a football prospect which makes since but he represented well this weekend on the hardwood. 

Rahim Ali Guard (Maryland)- The camp was filled with guards but this kid stood out with his flair and breakdown ability. He went at any opposing guard that was in his circumference and had his way. I like his speed, court vision and ability to score himself. Once he size packs on the frame his stock should explode and he will be a name to know in the DMV. 

Omar Haidera Guard (New Jersey)- I like how Omar can play the two or the three very effectively. He has a Ron Artest type style that helps him get through defenders and finish at the tin. He also has enough wiggle to get rid of smaller guards that attempt to check him. Right now he’s a sleeper in the Garden State but that will change very soon.

Chase Ellis Forward (Georgia)- I heard Ellis was a power forward for his squad but I see him now trying to make the transition to the wing. Ellis uses his strong frame to hold off shot blockers and burst through defenders. Once he extend his outside range he will become a more dangerous prospect.