Saturday, September 5, 2015

Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2021 Part 2 (Fresh Faces)

Meechie Johnson (Ohio)

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class 0f 2021 came with a ton of talent. As we continue our coverage we will take a look at the players that made their Spotlight debut. 

Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2021 Part 2 (Fresh Faces) 

Meechie Johnson Guard (Ohio)- Johnson has made a name for himself in the Midwest including becoming a Youtube sensation. But when I saw him live in Maryland he showed me he was the real deal. He worked well off the pick and roll while displaying the ability to finish at all three levels. Johnson has confidence flowing through his veins and it shows with his play on the court. His swagger was through the roof and he earned his East Coast props. One of my favorite players to watch over the weekend.

Jayden Brown Guard (New Jersey)- Straight out of the Garden State Brown immediately got my attention at the Future Phenom Camp. He had good size and could maneuver around smaller guards. Once he got into the lane he would score in traffic or look for teammates. He also has a nice ratchet in which he shoots off the dribble or from spot up position. If anyone made a splash that weekend it was the kid from the Garden State. 

 Kevin Miller Guard (Illinois)- Miller is another point guard with national rep from his head to head showdowns with some of the best. He enjoy attacking defenders with an array of dribble moves. He’s crafty with the pill and does show some quickness. Defenders must wrap their ankles tight when trying to guard him because he could shake you out of your shoes.

Julius Ellerbe Forward (Maryland)- Ellerbe showed tremendous spunk and explosiveness on the floor. He’s a good finisher and made his living being a slasher down the lane. He’s capable of attacking from different angles and looks his best when he’s playing under control. His developing skills, high motor and potential size makes him an intriguing prospect down the road. 

Caleb Furst Forward (Indiana)- The Indiana prospect dominated on both ends of the floor. He understood his bread and butter so on offense he posted deep in the paint. Once he received the rock and wasted little time getting to the cup. He has good touch and developing footwork. On defense he closed down the lane with good lateral movement and proved to be a capable shot blocker. He lived up to the national rep he entered this event with.

Christopher Ford Forward (North Carolina)- Ford was a constant contributor all weekend. Right now he’s more of a four and trying to become a legit three. He used this quickness to get things done on the baseline and in traffic. I also like the way he banged the boards for caroms. As he make his way to the perimeter will have to extend his range and work on his ball handling.
Darius Tilghman Forward (Maryland)- In the long term Tilghman might leap frog many of the other players in this event. His still sort of raw which is a good thing because he’ no-where near his potential. The southpaw has good explosive finishing moves and can also get it done on the defensive end of the floor. He looked like a miniature CJ Fair. 

James Madill Guard (New York)- Madill is a sharp shooting guard that isn’t afraid of launching the rock from anywhere. His mid-range game was on display and he showed the ability to get away from defenders off the dribble. He played with good confidence in this hostile environment.

Marcus Moore Forward (Canada)- Moore's coach marveled about how he displayed an unselfish mentality in this camp setting. Moore didn’t mind making the extra pass, playing defense or getting that tough rebound. Meanwhile he still was able to contribute offensively to his team’s success. He set the model that more campers should follow. 

Karell Booker Guard (Maryland)- Booker is a tough nose guard with a solid approach to the game. He enjoys hitting the gaps and making the defense collapse. He sees the floor very well and can also get his shot off whenever he needs. He’s another backcourt prospect from the loaded DMV area.

Jalen Hammond Forward (New Jersey)- Hammond showed power and athleticism during his play. He has no problem above, around or through defenders. He’s a player that loves the transitional type of game and thrives in the open floor. Camp type of settings are usually condescend to Capo’s type of game. 

Elijah Hawkins Guard (Maryland)- Being one of the smallest guards in the building didn’t stop from stealing the show at times. He has deep range and will tickle the twine in the half court set or in transition. He went up against some of the top guards in the country and stood tall.