Monday, September 7, 2015

Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2022 Top Performers Part 1

Sonny Johnson Jr. (Ohio)

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2022 brought an enormous amount of talent to Boyd, Maryland. Here’s a look at the players in this class that stood out. 

Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2022 Top Performers Part 1 

Sonny Johnson Guard (Ohio)- No player in the class entered this event with more national attention than Johnson. His name rang bells from events all around the country. Down in Maryland Johnson added Basketball Spotlight to his list of fans. The point guard has a clean game and moves with the smoothness most kids dream of. He scores the ball from anywhere on and breaks down defenders with ease. But if I have to say one aspect of his game that caught my attention I would have to say his court vision. This youngster has the enact ability to see the game two or three plays ahead of his competition. He will hit teammates with laser passes from any angle. His overall feel for the game is tremendous for a player this young. He also proved he was a winner as he led his team to the camp championship.

Jarace Walker Forward (Pennsylvania)- Regarded as one of the best players in the country, Walker didn’t do anything to hurt his stock. This kid has a game similar to Kentucky great and former NBA Jamal Mashburn. He has the size to be effective at the forward slot but also handles the pill like a guard. He also knows how to create space off the bounce which could also led to a step back trey ball. If he keeps working hard the sky could be the limit for this kid.
Jaden Bradley Forward (North Carolina)- The Carolina product used this stage to introduce himself to the rest of the country. Bradley like Walker packs size and versatility from the wing position. He puts it on the deck and is a handful near the cup. What’s even scarier is that he hasn’t come no-where he potential and could be a valuable prospect in a few years. He was one of the most explosive players at this event. He had a memorable battle versus Walker.
Tyler Hawkins Guard (New York)- Hawkins came to Maryland with a mission and accomplished his goal. Someone gave this kid a pep talk about being aggressive because he was in attack mode as soon as he got out of the car. Hawkins used a slick NY handle to get past defenders while finishing with floaters and scoop shots in traffic. He also would hit the occasional pull up jumper. He improved his stock and put his name on a national radar.
Francisco Mattei Forward (New York)- Mattei is a powerful forward built like a linebacker. He handles enough to bust through the defense and finish at the cup. He plays the game with a high motor and is a constant force on the glass. His strength and aggressiveness was a major force at this event and on this level. His play helped his team take home the title.
Dylan Williamson Guard (Maryland)- Williamson teamed with Johnson and Mattei to lead Florida to the crown. He’s a versatile guard that likes to score the ball and apply pressure defense full length of the floor. He has good size for his position and should only prosper as his days of basketball move forward. 

Tyrone Hardy Forward (North Carolina)- Hardy is an intriguing prospect from North Carolina. The long and lanky forward doesn’t have full control of his frame yet which means his ceiling is high. On defense he alters shots and rebounds well for his position. On offense he’s still developing and beginning to put moves together.