Saturday, March 16, 2013

WACG March Madness Game Recap: We All Can Go All Stars Gain Comeback Victory!

Marvin Bagley III (WACG)

We All Can Go All Stars fought back from a 13 point half time deficit to defeat George Hill All Stars 44-41. This was a high intensity game and both teams left it all on the floor. 

Top Performers 

Marvin Bagley Forward (WACG)- It was a tale of two halves for Bagley in the first stanza he didn’t find his groove against the intense defense of GH. But in the second half the wing stud showed why he is considered one of the top players in the nation. When he caught the rock he faced up and went straight to work. His length and ball handling allowed him to get through the defense and score. He also went to work on the glass and on defense by blocking or altering shots. The stage was big and he stepped up when it mattered. 

Alex Jones Guard (WACG)- Jones runs the show and was able to help his team get back into the game. He picked his spots and made sure the game went through Bagley in the second half. On defense he was very active during the press and caused several turnovers. His poise helped them pull out the victory. 

Cameron Johnson Guard (WACG)- Johnson put together a few buckets that helped them secure the win. He stretches the defense with his outside but can also finish off plays while absorbing contact. He’s important when teams double down on Bagley. 

Kevin Easley Forward (George Hill)- Easley got busy in the first half. He brought his game to Bagley’s door and out worked the Arizona wing. In the second stanza I think fatigue set in and it was tough for him to keep the momentum going. Two games earlier they had an epic battle against CB Spiders. 

Tiedus Jackson Forward (George Hill)- This blue collar worker doesn’t get a lot of press but his hard work got noticed in this defensive battle. He worked hard on the glass and in the lane for rebounds and buckets. He’s an energy player and fed off his teams emotions. 

Keith Coleman Jr. Guard (George Hill)- The lefty is a scrappy guard that got into the scoring column by hitting treys and scoring in transition, He is also a hawk on defense and doesn’t mind giving up his body for the good of the team. He’s a player that understands his role. 

Stay tuned because we are not done in Nashville!