Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 5th Grade Schedule (Orange Division)


The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 5th Grade Orange Schedule is listed below. Please make sure you arrive early for your game. ALL TEAMS MUST REPORT TO ATLANTIC CITY HIGH FOR SIGN-IN REGISTRATION BEFORE THEIR FIRST GAME. FAILURE TO SIGN IN CAN RESULT IN A FORFEIT BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

Pool D 
1. KSK
2. Team DEMI 
3. Team Takeover (Gorham) 
4. RIP City 

Pool E 
1. Team Glory 
2. Leesburg Basketball 
3. Team Phenom 
4. Gauchos 

Saturday March 30th 
9:10 AM D1-D2 (ACHS 3) 
10:20 AM D3-D4 (ACHS 3) 
1:50 PM D1-D3 (ACHS 3) 
1:50 PM E1-E2 (PENN) 
1:50 PM E3-E4 (BGC) 
3:00 PM D2-D4 (ACHS 3) 
5:20 PM E1-E3 (PENN) 
5:20 PM E2-E4 (BGC) 

Sunday March 31st 
10:20 AM D1-D4 (ACHS 1) 
10:20 AM D2-D3 (ACHS 2) 
10:20 AM E1-E4 (ACHS 3) 
10:20 AM E2-E3 (PENN) 
12:40 PM 1ST E-2ND D (ACHS 1) 
12:40 PM 1ST D-2ND E (ACHS 2) 
3:00 PM 5TH Grade Championship (ACHS 1) 


PENN- Pennsylvania Ave School 

BCG: Boys and Girls Club 
317 N Pennsylvania Ave, 
Atlantic City, NJ 08401 

ACHS: Atlantic City High School 
1400 N. Albany Ave. 
Atlantic City, NJ 08401