Monday, March 11, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Final Entry

Nate and Friends At All Star Game! 

Hello basketball world, I’m sad to say this is my last entry. So here’s how my week went. 

Monday started senior week in which we are allowed to work on the school year book or play video games. I decided to play Black Ops 2 and NBA 2K13. I had a ball all day. After school I went home had a good workout both physically and skill wise. It was a great day. The next day we pretty much a carbon copy of Monday. 

Wednesday I played Soul Caliber 5 and was killing until my friend Russell knocked me off three times in a row. I couldn’t wait to get to the RAC that night to watch St. Peters Prep against Seton Hall Prep. The game was great and Temple got so much better since the last time I saw him play. St. Peters Prep got the win and I love their fan support. One guy was wearing a banana boxer with a suit top and then topped it off with a bear hat. I had a really great time. Shout out to my future teammates. The Hudson Catholic and St. Anthony match up was not the game I expected. St. Anthony has a really good team with Halice and Josh. I have fun chilling with Maleek, Chris, Pat, and Khalief from Team IZOD. I got home late but I still had to get a workout in. 

Thursday was a quiet day. It was snowing so it wasn’t much to do. It’s been snowing a lot lately but I don’t mind because I needed to get some rest from the school work. I just had time to chill with my friends and have fun. After school I went to get in a good workout and went to sleep. 

Friday was boring in school because my boy Jude didn’t come so we didn’t have and XBOX. My friend Chris finally fixed the TV so we watched Thunderstruck. I was starving and couldn’t wait to go to lunch. I had a great lunch from Quick Chek. Since the weather delayed my daily workout I just wanted to go home and chill. I ended up watching movies with my family. 

Saturday was a ling but great day. I did my usual breakfast club before heading to the barbershop for some fresh cuts. Then I went home to take a nap before heading down to see my big bro Karl play against my future teammates of St. Peters Prep. I had mixed emotions while watching the game. I enjoyed the action with my dad, Coach Battle and Mr. Melton. These are the people who were there before Nate “The Great”. I was happy to see my big bro win but it was sad to coach and all my future teammates crying. I felt their pain and I haven’t even played with that yet. I hope we get another shot at Karl and them next year. 

Sunday we woke up at 6:30 but it was really like 5:30 because of the time change. We had to go to Josh practice in Brooklyn and then to grandma house. She made me bake and salt fish to eat before my all star game. Thanks Nana! It was crazy because it was my last GIL game ever. It was fun playing with my friends, some of these kids I’ve been playing with and against since first grade. Thank you, Coach Will, Coach Brian, Coach Tamal, and Coach Adrian for everything. I wouldn’t be who I am with you guys. I want to say I love ya’ll to death. After the all star game I was chilling with my younger cousins Skylar and Tristian aka Tintin.They are so awesome. Tintin is two and already loves basketball. Remember I told you first about Tristan Laguerre. I love them soo much. 

I’m sad my diary is over. I just want to thank Mr. Melton and the entire Basketball Spotlight staff for allowing me to express myself. I also want to say thank you to ‘The Family” for all your support my entire life. The work isn’t over yet! I still have a long way to go and hopefully you guys stayed tuned.