Monday, November 5, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Lucas Hudson (Center Valley, PA) Entry #6

Lucas and 90 Foot Poplar Tree  

Hello Basketball World! My parents and I are continuing to pray for those families who have lost so much because of the devastating hurricane. We were very blessed since our 90 foot Poplar tree in our back yard was blown down by the wind, but didn’t hit our house. 

Last Sunday I played my last game for the SCBL 10th – 12th grade fall league. Even though we lost, I had a solid game and played well defensively. Sunday night Team Final Blue team had a game at the Competitive Edge. We won and I had my first alley-oop pass that led to a dunk. This is how the play went. I got the outlet pass and dribbled up the right side of the court. I saw Nick Alikakos, our center, sprinting down the middle. We looked at each other and I motioned to him that I’m going to throw up the ball. Around the three-point line, I threw it toward the middle of the rim. Nick took two steps, caught the ball in the air and flushed it with one hand. The gym went wild! Nice dunk, Nick! 

Monday through Thursday we didn’t have any power so I did a lot of homework and worked out with Obe a few times. Also, I was lucky to find two gyms that were open during the week so that I could practice with some of my friends. On Friday, I “shadowed” at The Shipley School. I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend a day as a ninth-grader. Thank you, Coach Phil D’Ambrosio and The Shipley School Admissions Department for inviting me. 

On Saturday, I went to an open gym at the Haverford School. I got a good run in for three hours and worked on my pick ‘n roll game. Thank you, Coach Leon Dales and Coach Henry Fairfax for having me. 

I would like to shout out to Coach Chuck Rockmore and Coach Andre Cooper for being my coach and helping me develop my game over the past several years. These wonderful coaches have mentored and coached hundreds of youth basketball players in the Lehigh Valley. They have made such a positive difference in the lives of so many. Keep up the good work, Coach Rockmore and Coach Dre! 

 See you guys next week!