Saturday, January 9, 2010

Temple Gibbs Jr.: The Blueprint Part 3

Temple Gibbs Sr. seems to have the blueprint for developing basketball players and many cannot argue his success. His son Ashton is on the top players in college basketball today while his other son Sterling is a high school star getting recruited by many major universities. Gibbs’s next project is his third son Temple Jr. a 7th Grade guard currently playing for KYDA. Gibbs knew early on that TJ would be ready for this task “When he was younger and I saw him playing with his older brothers I saw the toughness and unwillingness to back down” said Gibbs. TJ’s journey started as a 7 year old playing in the Gauchos program and has taken to a few other stops before landing with KYDA.

At the Grand Finale KYDA made their Spotlight debut and TJ game spoke for itself. He helped led his team to the Final Four and took home All Tournament honors. His father loves the new team atmosphere “I love this group and most of the fact that he is having fun and developing his skills” Gibbs mentioned. His aggressive play caught the eye of several spectators and evaluators that were present.

When you have two older brothers that are highly successful many might think TJ would feel the pressure to succeed but his father doesn’t see it that way “He’s very comfortable and supportive of his brothers. He loves analyzing their games and even being critical of things that they do on the floor. Watching them succeed has given him more confidence” said Gibbs. Basketball Spotlight will be watching and we are confident that TJ will be able to carry on the family legacy especially with his father having the blueprint.