Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #14

Hello Basketball World

This week was fun, Wednesday I played my first middle school basketball game with my school team. Although we lost by four, I scored 40 points and had a lot of fun. Thursday, we had another game and won this time, I scored 36 in our convincing victory. Friday, we were off from school; I stood home worked out a little bit and relaxed. This weekend I went to a couple of my brother Xavier’s basketball games. These games are always entertaining because of the talent these kids showcase. In my brothers first game he did not play so well and he was not focused. In his second he played a little better dishing out some assists and being a playmaker.

Monday, we also had off for Dr. King’s birthday. I stood home to do homework and later on I went to watch Paramus Catholic play at home against Central High school in Newark. This game was great; it was a close one all the way up until the fourth. Both teams were playing hard and there were limited jump shots which I feel that I can help out with next year, it was a lot more moves to the basket and fast breaking. Late in the fourth Paramus Catholic was able to pull away for the much needed victory. They caught some big offensive rebounds getting second chance shots and played good defense forcing Central to shoot from outside which they didn’t want to do. The physical play of this game also showed me that along with shooting in order for me to be on the floor I need to be more physical and aggressive. After to the game Coach Barnes invited me to listen in on the post game discussion between Coach Barnes and his team. He spoke about the key offensive rebounds and other reasons why they were able to squeeze out the victory. Due to realignment, this year Paramus Catholic got placed in a different league then they are normally in, facing them up with less challenging games then they would normally have. Coach Barnes also spoke about the reason he scheduled those independent school games to “toughen” his squad up for the tough league they will be reentered into next year with teams like, Don Bosco, Bergen Catholic, Paterson Catholic, DePaul Catholic etc.

I will also be visiting Paramus Catholic this Friday to shadow the classes and see how the classes are structured. This was my first time attending a Paramus Catholic game this year and as always Coach Mack was very welcoming and made me feel as part of the team, which I enjoyed. I would like to say that after watching this game although it’s too early to decide, I can picture myself in the Paladin uniform as they play similar to my AAU team with fast up-tempo offense, which is better suited for me and my game.

Thank you Dr. King for allowing us to dream, Young One Out…