Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jason Boswell Entry #14

Wassup basketball world Jason Boswell back to tell you what I have been up to in this basketball world.

Well to end of the week I had workouts with my favorite coach Shandue McNeil at St. Johns University. It was fun and I got a lot out of it. Shan always pushes me to the max. I had no is8 16u games this weekend, but I did have a 16u game in the Tru ballers tournament. I play with NY Patriots in that. We played against a good Wings Academy J.V. team. I went off. I ended the game with 21pts. and 6rbs. Also my St. Raymond's teammate Jeaquan Brown had 17pts. We play very good together.

Also on Saturday I attended the SNY St. Raymond's HS vs. Mt. Vernon HS game. Thanks to coach Oliver Antigua. I also went because my right hand man Nkereuwem Okoro was playing and I had to show support. They didn’t pull it out but it was a good game.

Sunday morning I had practice again at St. Johns University. Another fun competitive practice. After practice me and my dad went to a diner and ate then I attended my man Durand Scott game at Gaucho gym. Rice played Bishop Loughlin. He played well and Rice won. Well I ended off my weekend with a haircut and got some studying in for my mid terms.

Well that’s about it so deuces until next week. (out)