Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Hi again Basketball Spotlight fans and welcome to the 6th entry of Diary of a Baller lets go. 

Monday, the start of midterms. This week was only midterms at school so we have to take a test at school. The test started at 8:00 and the first day of midterms was English. I felt like I did well on these because I studied. I took the test from 8:00am to 9:30. After a period of time I stayed at school and waited for our practice to start, which started at 3:30. It was a team lift so it was a pretty light lift. It was a full body workout just to get our bodies in shape. My dad picked me up after going to my trainer Brandon. We did some combo moves and pick and roll stuff and played ones after and of course I had to win that. I went home after and went to bed because I had another exam tomorrow. 

Tuesday, today's midterm start was at 8:00 again so I got there by 7:30 and prepared. Today's test was math. Felt really good about this test. After the test we had to be at the film at 3 so I just ended up staying and waiting till the film. Film was on our last game that we played against Roxbury Latin and the coach was going over the right and wrong from that game and what we needed to do to fix it. After the film I went home. My dad and I didn't lift this week because we needed a week off from the gym so I went to my expressions practice at 7 and we ended around 9:30. I went home and hit the Zs. 

Wednesday, we had to do our midterms online because some kids got tested positive. I was tested negative for Covid but in precaution they wanted to take the test at home. I took Spanish and science today from 10:15 to about 1:30. I chilled until about 7:00 to go to another workout with Brandon. We got a lot of shots up today just to get my shot more consistent. 

Thursday, I took my history test in school. I waited for another lift session at school at 3:00 and after the lift my mom picked me up to go to expressions practice. Very physical practice today. A Lot of defense and box out drills to get us more physical. After practice I went home and slept to get ready for my last exam tomorrow. 

Friday, today was my Religion exam. I took my exam from 8:30 to 10 and then had an optional workout at my school from 1:00 to 3:00 then a lift at 3:30. After my lift my dad picked me up. I went home and chilled before going to Brandon at 7. Today was a competitive day and we did 1on1 3on3 and some competitive shooting games. 

Saturday was game day for my school. We played Groton at their home court but ended up blowing them out by like 50. I had 10 points and a solid 7 rebounds in our win. For the rest of the day I did some recovery and hopped on FortNite with my teammates. 

Sunday was a rest day for me. I chilled and did some stretching and iced my knees for some recovery. 

Thanks for tuning in for this week's journal next week is even bigger!!!