Monday, August 17, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Top 30 Shooting Guards Of All Time

The Top 30 Shooting Guards to ever come through Basketball Spotlight Events are listed below. The list was comprised based on the dominance and impact of the player during that event or events. If we forget a prospect that is too glaring then they will be added. This was a fun experience and should be looked at as such. The players are listed by AAU Team, College and NBA team which drafted them or who they are currently affiliated with. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 30 Shooting Guards Of All Time 

1. Tyus Battle (Team Battle), (Syracuse), (Minnesota Timberwolves)- Battle became of face of Basketball Spotlight after his 4th grade arrival. This presented a huge target on his back but it didn’t stop him from showing dominance while collecting championships and MVP trophies. Entering 6th Grade Battle has become a national name. His dominance goes without saying.

2. Dion Waiters (Philly Ball Hawks, Playaz), (Syracuse), (Cleveland Cavaliers)- Waiters stole the show at the Basketball Spotlight MDC, Clash For The Cup and Grand Finale. He set the then Spotlight scoring with 42 points at the MDC and totally dominated the Grand Finale with the Playaz Basketball Club.

3. Isaiah Whitehead (Juice All Stars), (Seton Hall)- Whitehead was huge on the Spotlight scene his 7th and 8th Grade year. His size had him difficult to guard and he scored in abundance. He led Juice to Team Of The Year honors and finished as the #1 ranked player on our regional list.

4. Terrence Clarke (Expressions), (Kentucky)- Clarke took his game to the next level during his 8th Grade season. He packed smoothness with a scoring punch. I loved his mean stroke and scoring prowess from all three levels.

5. Bryan Antoine (Team Rio), (Villanova)- Scottie Lewis arrival turned on a switch in Antoine’s approach. The tools were there but then the smooth guard turned into an assassin. He displayed a mean ratchet and supreme athleticism.

6. Nate Pierre Louis (Sports U), (Temple)- Pierre Louis was wire to score ever since he stepped foot into Basketball Spotlight. The lefty scorched many teams and topped the 30 point mark on numerous occasions. He also was a proven winner.

7. Cam Reddish (Team Final), (Duke), (Atlanta Hawks)- “The Prince” was a difficult matchup for those who defended him. His buttery jump shot was a thing of beauty. Despite the wins and losses his numbers were great.

8. PJ Dozier (Columbia Slammers), (South Carolina), (Denver Nuggets)- Dozier’s arrival sent shock waves through Hoop Group Headquarters. The hype was there and the youngster delivered with silky moves and deep bombs.

9. Tyler Dorsey (Cali Styles), (Oregon), (Atlanta Hawks)- Dorsey showed total dominance when he came to the Clash For The Cup with a loaded West Coast squad. His skill set combined with his grit was too much for the opposition.

10. Kerwin Okoro (Long Island Lightning), (Rutgers University)- Okoro was a scoring machine with the two time national champs. He had the frame and the game to get anywhere he wanted on the floor and produce results.

11. Shakur Edwards (NJ Panthers), (Elite 80 Expo)- It’s no doubt is Edwards played at a few more events he would have been higher on this list. The two guard was a little raw but an outstanding scorer and play maker. He had some of the natural instincts that can’t be taught.

12. Malachi Richardson (Gauchos, Team Final), (Syracuse), (Sacramento Kings)- Richardson was one of the best shooters to every come through Basketball Spotlight. He starred during his Gauchos and capped it off with Team Final success.

13. Kahari Beauford (Boston Spartans), (Tennessee Martin)- Beauford performance at the AC Showcase goes down in Spotlight history. His 50-point outing against Team NJ ABC was something to watch.

14. Devin Coleman (RBK All Stars), (Temple)- The lefty was the leading scorer on this loaded squad. The southpaw got buckets against some of the top teams in the country. He also starred in the Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup and MDC.

15. Mohammad Aminu (Dynamic Disciples), (HS)- Aminu came through and totally shined with this DMV bunch. He was relentless from start to finish and was compared to Dwayne Wade. He’s tough on both sides of ball

16. Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault), (Notre Dame) 

17. Thaddeus Hall (New Heights), (Tennessee Martin) 

18. Caleb Houston (S-Elite), (HS) 

19. Franklin Howard (Team Takeover), (Syracuse) 

20. Lonnie Walker (MCB Elite), (Miami), (San Antonio Spurs)

21. Mackenzie Mgbalo (Riverside Hawks), (HS) 

22. Trevor Cooney (RBK All Stars), (Syracuse) 

23. Justin Moore (Team Takeover), (Villanova) 

24. Simeon Wilcher (PSA Cardinals) (HS) 

25. Arkel Ager (CBC), (UMBC)

26. Jamal Allen (MABC), (New England College) 

27. Justice Williams (Hilltoppers Heat), (HS) 

28. Unique McLean (Team Scan), (UMASS) 

29. Trevor Keels (Team Takeover), (HS) 

30. Seth Lundy (Philly Triple Threat), (Temple)