Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Top 30 Combo Guards Of All Time

The Top 30 Combo Guards to ever come through Basketball Spotlight Events are listed below. The list was comprised based on the dominance and impact of the player during that event or events. If we forget a prospect that is too glaring then they will be added. This was a fun experience and should be looked at as such. The players are listed by AAU Team, College and NBA team which drafted them or who they are currently affiliated with. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 30 Combo Guards Of All Time 

 1. Cole Anthony (NY Rens), (North Carolina)- Cole was one of the most ferocious guards to come through the Spotlight. He attacked relentlessly and scored from all three levels. He also gave a 100% on the defensive end. He took home Most Outstanding Award honors.

2. Donovan Mitchell (The City), (Louisville), (Utah Jazz)- Mitchell was the go to guy for The City and showed more ability as his confidence progressed. His size and skill set caused serious matchup problems for the opposition. He helped introduce "The City" to the Spotlight world.

3. Lamarr Kimble (Team Final), (St. Joseph)- “Freshie” took over the reigns on TF after his first season and took off. The combo guard scored at will when possible and took home POY Honors during his tenure. Kimble was a force for several years.

4. Temple Gibbs (Team Scan), (Notre Dame)- Gibbs was a total problem his 8th Grade year from TS. His swagger was through the roof at this time and he used his strength to carry defenders to the hoop. He was awarded POY at the end of that season.

5. Shep Garner (Youth Interlock), (Penn State)- Garner was a winner and top-notch competitor. I still haven’t seen a middle school player that displayed his type of focus on the floor. Garner will go down as a Spotlight legend.

6. Jamir Harris (Team Battle), (Minnesota)- “The Terminator” also put together a historic 8th Grade season for the NJ Playaz. His quick trigger and range made him difficult to guard. Once he caught fire it was a problem for the opposition.

7. Rakym Felder (New Heights), (South Carolina)- “The Bully” became a Spotlight legend after a stellar 6th Grade year where he took home POY honors. The lefty could get big buckets against just about anyone. His performance against DC Assault at the AAU Nationals is one of the best I ever saw.

8. Jaden Springer (WACG), (Tennessee)- Springer starred at the AC Showcase and was MVP of the Future Phenom Camp. Springer was highly touted coming in but played like an unranked stud. He scored relentlessly and also was capable of making the right plays.

9. DJ Wagner (Team Final), (HS)- Wagner finished as our #1 player in the region and with good reason. DJ showed the ability to score but also the poise and court vision to run a team. He’s from basketball royalty and should have a great future.

10. Eric Ayala (We R 1), (Maryland)- Ayala played the game at his own pace but it didn’t stop him from dominating. He carried Delaware Royalty and later We R 1 throughout the Spotlight circuit. He put the 1st State on the map in terms of Basketball Spotlight.

11. Keith Williams (New Heights), (Cincinnati)-Williams was an instant high-octane guard. He took his New Heights team to another level. He was able to be a dominant force on both ends of the floor and lead them to a Grand Finale. He also was awarded Mr. Memorial Day.

12. Zion Cruz (Hilltoppers Heat), (HS)- Cruz had his biggest smash during his 7th Grade season when he showed total dominance. His athleticism was off the charts and he displayed a tight skill set. Cruz gave us a ton of highlights.

13. James Bishop (Team Thrill), (LSU)- This DMV stud was a sure-fire bucket getter. The southpaw could fill it up at the drop of a dime. He seemed to be licensed to score whenever we wanted. He was a total joy to watch during his Spotlight days.

14. Devonte Green (Team Scan), (Indiana)- Green was able to be a great bucket getter for this loaded Team Scan crew. Green displayed some athleticism combined with a sound foundation of fundamentals.

15. Bryant Crawford (Team Takeover), (Wake Forest)- The big guard controlled the tempo and scored when necessary. He was one of first top players from this TTO program when they entered the Spotlight world.

16. Chaylyn Martin (CBC), (Sacred Heart) 

17. Jonathan Severe (Long Island Lightning), (Iona) 

18. NyRhique Smith (NJ Playaz) 

19. Mustapha Heron (NY Gauchos), (Auburn) 

20. Jaquan Harris (NJ Bulldogs), (HS)

21. Jalen Carey (NY Rens), (Syracuse) 

22. Quade Green (Team Final), (Kentucky) 

23. Britton Lee (Peacemakers), (Robert Morris) 

24. Ramone Gibbons (Boston Saintz) 

25. Luther Muhammad (Sports U), (Ohio State)

26. Traci Carter (Philly Aztecs), (Lasalle) 

27. Darius Robinson (Team Nelson), (Delaware County CC) 

28. Ryan Conway (Terror Squad), (HS) 

29. Kobe Langley (CP3 All Stars), (UNC Greensboro) 

30. Jamir Moultrie (DC Assault), (Lasalle)