Monday, December 16, 2019

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 7th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Jaysean Williams

The 7th Grade Division had a new teams and performers. We were excited to report on some fresh faces. Here is the second part of the top performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 7th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

JaySean Williams-PG (Team Spartans)- Williams is becoming a true floor general. His gritty toughness and his relentless play helps him to lead the team. He has an innate ability to lead his team when the game becomes tough. We like his ability to get to the rim and finish through contact.

Na’Zier Williams-WF (Team Spartans)- Na’Zier is a tough guard for any defender. He is a great finisher around the rim and can adjust to any situation to help his team in the game. He has a nice mid range jump shot from the foul line down. If he continues to grow he will tough to guard.
Jaden Roberts Guard (New England Rivals)- Jaden is very crafty shooter that does not need much room to get his shot off. He knocks down his jump shots at a high clip; he was able to spread the floor and create driving lanes for his teammates. Jackson is on his way to being one of the elite shooters in his class.
Jackson Fitzpatrick Forward (New England Rivals)- Jackson showed his tremendous footwork close to basket with his array of finishes. He is a great rebounder that does not mind doing the dirty work for his team. He changed or blocked countless shots to protect his team's basket.
Harlem Bellot Guard (New England Rivals)- Bellot will become one of the most efficient guards in his class; he has the ability to get to the rim at will. He already has a strong body that enables him to absorb contact and finish at the rim. He is a very good defender that does not mind guarding the other team's best player.'
Griffin Lynstra Guard(NJ Shore Shots)- Griffin is a good all around player that does whatever his team needs him to do. He has the ability to knock down open shots or get to the rim with his crafty handle. Griffin has the ability to defend all five positions.
Mesean Williams Guard (NJ Shore Shots)- Mesean plays the game with great passion. He is a crafty little guard that puts his teammates in easy scoring positions. We liked the fact that he was a true floor general and helped lead his team to some tough victories. He has a nice pull up jump shot that he hit when he is open.