Monday, November 26, 2018

Ball 4 It All 8th Grade Championship Recap!

City Rocks Wins Title

City Rocks defeated Team Diffrnt 59-53 to win the Ball 4 It All Middle School Invitational 8th Grade Championship. Here’s a look at our top performers from the 8th Grade Division. 

Ball 4 It All 8th Grade Top Performers

Royal Brown Forward (City Rocks)- Brown was an inside scoring machine inside. The lefty used his athletic skills to get around shot blockers and finish with a good touch. He ran the floor very well and was a menace along the baseline. He made some big shots during their run to win the championship. He was the heart and soul for the squad.
Miles Rose Guard (City Rocks)- If Brown was the heart and soul. Rose was the most talented player on the squad. The younger brother of Temple University star Quinton Rose is a scoring machine. He gets it done from all three levels while combining nice length with a good skill set. Even coming off the bench didn’t slow down Rose he still got buckets. He will be a force to be reckoned with.
Marcus Hamby Guard (City Rocks)- Hamby was a dominant guard that can get buckets especially traveling to the right. He had a strong floater and the ability to finish at the tin. He has a definite scoring mentality but will probably have to move to the point once he enters high school. He came up big for the champs.
Seck Zongo Forward (Team Diffrnt)- The best prospect in the division, Zongo is just oozing with potential. The lanky forward has added a pat game to his arsenal and creates well off the dribble. He got busy on the blocks but really impressed with his perimeter development. On defense he moved his feet well and was able to defend multiple positions. Some high school coach somewhere will be landing a good one.
Izaiah Millan Guard (Team Diffrnt)- Izaiah plays the game with a Bulldog style. He attacks on the offensive end and pressures the rock on defense. I like his outside touch from the perimeter and his willingness to win at all cost. His poise was on full display.
Kenny Satterfield Jr. Guard (Team Diffrnt)- Satterfield Jr. started the game off hitting big treys comfortably and then showed other parts of his game such as creating and dropping dimes to teammates. He truly stepped up and proved he belonged.