Monday, May 28, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Ben Roy (Spring Lake Heights, NJ) Entry #5

Ben Getting It In!

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World? 

Welcome to Journal Entry #5 for Ben Roy. 

Monday: I woke up Monday not in the best mood. I felt tired and run down a bit. Once I took a shower though and woke up a little, I started to feel more positive and I was ready to start the day. I went to school that day feeling pretty good. The beginning of the day started off a tad slow but got quicker as the day went on. I didn’t have anything planned after school, but luckily I got a call to fill in for a team in a high school spring league. It was good to go against some varsity level players to prepare me for next year. We ended up losing by one in overtime, but I thought I played pretty well, especially on the defensive end. 

Tuesday: I woke up with a much better mindset than the day before, and I was feeling really good. Tuesday was the first day in a while that the sun was actually out, and that was nice. I went to school and the day went by pretty slow, so it was relieving once we finally got out. After school, I went to get some treatment on my lower back from a chiropractor. Although my back has been feeling better, I want to stay on top of it. Around 6 o’clock I pulled up to Hoop Group and played some pickup with the 16U Shoreshots team for about 2 hours. That was fun and I thought I played pretty well and got a good run in at the same time. Later that night I came home and showered then studied for the rest of the night. 

Wednesday: Once again it was a nice day outside so I think that was one of the reasons I was feeling really energetic this morning. I went to school and it felt like we were only there for an hour. After school I came home and played a quick game of 1 on 1 with my little brother which was fun. After the game I went and worked out with Mike Rice. It was a great workout with a lot of competition which is my favorite part of his workouts. After the workout, me and a couple others were attempting to throw some dunks down, and I was surprised how close I am. I’ll be able to get one down soon. I ended up staying for a bit to practice with the 8th grade NJ Shoreshots team and help them get ready to play Bball Spotlight MDC tournament. When I got home I was really tired and basically collapsed on my bed and fell asleep after I took a shower. 

Thursday: Thursday morning I woke up a little later than I usually do, which was pretty nice to sleep a little extra longer than normal. I went to school and worked pretty hard throughout the whole day, it was the first time in a while that we had a lot of schoolwork to get through before the day ended. After school, I headed up to RYPT in Tinton Falls with a couple of my Rio teammates and did some speed and agility and strength conditioning for about and hour and 15 minutes. I would’ve stayed longer, but I had to head to my school for the athletic awards. I picked up a couple athletic awards, came home and called it a night. 

Friday: Friday are the day I usually take off and recoup. It was only a half day of school before the holiday weekend so the day went by super fast. It was such a nice day out, so I decided after school I would meet up with some friends and go to the beach. I was up there for a couple hours then I came home and had some dinner. After dinner I headed back out to my friends house and ended up staying over that night. 

Saturday: I woke up Saturday morning at my friend’s house and got a quick bite to eat with some of my friends and then I headed home right after. I was supposed to have practice with my team that afternoon but I couldn’t attend because I had a prior family commitment. Since I had to miss practice, I decided to have my own little workout in the morning. I lifted in my garage and got some shots up for about an hour and a half and then headed to my family party. We were there for a while and after my family party, I went to one of my friend’s barbecue and chilled there for a little. I then came home and watched the Rockets vs. Warriors then fell asleep. 

Sunday: I slept in on Sunday morning and woke up starving. Right as I woke up I went straight into the kitchen and made some breakfast. Since it was Memorial Day weekend and where I live gets pretty crowded around this time, I offered to help around my mom’s store because she was the only one that was working. I helped her at the store for about 2 hours and then came home to work on some school projects. Later that night, I went and worked out at I’m Possible and got some good skill work in. I got home pretty late from I’m Possible, so I took a quick shower and then I watched the Cavs vs. Celtics and fell asleep after that. 

Thanks for checking in on Journal Entry #5, hope everyone has a productive week.