Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Ben Roy (Spring Lake Heights, NJ) Entry #4

Ben Roy Getting Busy

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World? Welcome to Journal Entry #4 for Ben Roy. 

Monday: Monday I woke up still injured from playing over the weekend. After I realized I was not feeling great, I decided to take a little mental and physical break from working out for a couple days. I wanted to get back to feeling 100%, so this would be the best idea. I went to school that morning so sore and run down, but I started to feel better as the day went on. After school I went to the Atlantic Club with one of my friends, we just messed around a little bit. We shot for about 2 hours but didn’t go hard, so my back felt fine when we were done. I came home that night and stretched for a while, and it really made my back feel better. 

 Tuesday: Luckily, my back was getting better and I was hoping by the end of the week I could get back to normal. I went to school and started up my math standardized testing (PARCC). I didn’t mind having the testing because then it meant we didn’t do much the rest of the day. I came home from school and decided to do absolutely nothing, I figured my whole entire body could really use the rest. That night, once again I focused on stretching and really trying to loosen up those tight muscles. I slept over my grandparents that night and fell asleep pretty early. 

Wednesday: I woke up Wednesday morning extremely eager and ready to start the day, I hopped in the shower, and I was off to school. School was easy and it was nice because you know once the work starts slowing down you know the school year is coming to an end. After school I was so ready to workout, but I promised my body I would keep on resting up until I felt 100%. So, after school I came home and did some light ball handling and stretching to sort of let some of my energy out. The night went by pretty quickly and before I knew it I was passed out on my bed. 

Thursday: Today was the last day I promised my body I would give it the rest, so I decided to really take it easy on Thursday and do absolutely nothing. It was the last day of PARCC so I felt really good because that was now out of the way. Now, all I have to focus on is getting good grades for the rest of the marking period and finish out the year strong with straight A’s on the report card. After school I hopped on 2k, which I haven’t done in awhile and that really made me want to workout. I texted some of my coaches to try and get into the gym, but no one was around. It was probably for the best because then I could give my body one more day of rest. Late that night I did some brief stretching and fell asleep easily. 

Friday: I woke up this morning feeling better than ever, so I hopped right in the shower and was ready to start the day off. I went to school and the day went by extremely quick, so after school, I decided to go put some work in now that I was feeling better. I went and worked out with Mike Rice, not too many kids were there so I got in a lot of reps. We worked on a ton of different finishes and different ways to get your shot off. Later that night, I went out with a group of friends and just caught up with them. After that, I got home and called it a night. 

Saturday: I slept in for a little on Saturday morning, which wasn’t normal for me. Once I woke up, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then was off to start the day. I had Team Rio practice at 12pm in Colts Neck. It was good to get back in the gym with my team and get some work in. There was a great energy in the gym and we got better as a team today. We are also now at full strength after dealing with some injured players. We found out our summer tournament schedule and the different camps we will be attending. I’m extremely excited to get on the road with my boys and show them what these Jersey boys can do. We will really be tested this summer playing 15U at some high-level tournaments. It should help all of us before entering the high school season next year. I decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. That night, one of my friends came over and we watched the Cavs/Celtics game and called it a night. 

Sunday: I woke up early on Sunday to get a haircut from my uncle. It was nice because we don’t seem him as much as we want, so it was good to catch up. After the haircut, I went to get some clothes for my upcoming graduation and confirmation. After getting some clothes, I got outside and shot around lightly for about an hour. There were some good games going on over at Hoop Group so I decided I would stop by for a little. After watching some games, it got me eager to get in the gym so I went and put some work in at I’m Possible in Colts Neck. After I finished working out, it was pretty late when I got home so I passed out after taking a shower. Thank you for checking in and I hope everyone has a good week.