Saturday, April 28, 2018

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 8th Grade Best Of The Best & All-Tournament Team

The 8th Grade Division Of The AC Showcase was loaded with talent. Here’s a look at the Best Of The Best and All-Tournament Team. 

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 8th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Corey Floyd (NJ Bulldogs)- Floyd was outstanding in the AC Showcase. He was undeniably the MVP of this event. 

Best Prospect: Jaquan Harris (NJ Bulldogs)- The big point guard passes the look test and also delivers on the floor. He’s going to make a high school coach very happy next season. 

Best Playmaker: Darrell Victory (Riverside Hawks)- Victory play making ability once again helped Riverside reach the finals. Not many guards impact the game as much as this kid. 

Best Shooter: Ben Roy (Team Rio National)- Roy be knocking shots down from anywhere on the floor. Once he gets going it’s usually lights out. 

Best Floor General: William Richardson (NJ Playaz)- This kid is definitely worth the price of admissions. He has a unique flair to the game and runs the show like a quarterback. 

Best Scorer: Corey Floyd (NJ Bulldogs)- The MVP scored the competition in the scoring column. He averaged over 20 points a game. 

Best Fresh Face: Jadin Collins (Team IZOD)- Collins made a great impression to our staff running the point. I’m anxious to see him rock again. 

Best Defender: Chad Anglin (Philly Triple Threat)- Anglin was a problem on defense by blocking and altering shots. He seems to have a huge upside. 

AC Showcase 8th Grade All-Tournament Team 
Corey Floyd (NJ Bulldogs) 
Jaquan Harris (NJ Bulldogs) 
William Norman (NJ Bulldogs) 
Hassan Jackson (NJ Bulldogs) 
Darrell Victory (Riverside Hawks) 
Jaquan Sanders (Riverside Hawks) 
Francisco Mattei (Riverside Hawks) 
Joe Medlin (Riverside Hawks) 
Ben Roy (Team Rio National) 
Justin Soranno (Team Rio National) 
Elijah Perkins (Team Rio National) 
Everton Browne (Team Rio National) 
Marcus Gaffney (Team Rio National) 
William Richardson (NJ Playaz) 
Desean Lecque (NJ Playaz)