Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fresh Faces Shine At Hoop Group Headquarters

Marvin Prochet (NY Knights)

The Hoop Group May Showdown gave us a chance to watch some new players perform. Here’s a quick look at some of the fresh faces we saw during our trip to Neptune, NJ.

Fresh Faces

Marvin Prochet Forward (NY Knights)- Prochet is an interesting prospect. He’s wiry, stands 6’3 and has good form on his outside shot. Marvin passes the look test on the floor and should round out to be a decent player. Right now he’s active and his stock should explode once he develops his ball handling.

Marzuq Jimoh Guard (NY Knights)- Jimoh was explosive at the guard spot. He has a decent stop and pop while also getting into the lane at will. His strength allows him to lock down defensively and force turnovers.

Brandon Carcano Guard (On Point Cyclones)- Brandon was the talk of the gym this weekend. He played both 13 and 14U while putting up serious numbers. Carcano is hard to defend when pushing the pill and has natural scoring ability. On this level he was just too strong for the opposition.

Austin Hutcherson Guard (NJ Shore Shots)- Hutcherson does a good job running the team while also using his floater to chart a few buckets. I like how he moves the rock at the head of the offense and selects the correct time to attack. He has good poise.

Brad Neal Guard (NJ Shore Shots)- Neal has good size which helped him shoot the rock well in the mid range area. Most perimeter players on this level can’t block his shot so he got a few clean looks. He seems to have a pure stroke.