Saturday, May 22, 2010

DC Assault Classic Day 2 Top Performers: Point Guards

Alani "Showtime" Moore (DC Assault)

Day 2 from the DC Assault Classic had some serious talent on display. We decided to breakdown the top performers by position. Finally, we are going to look at the point guards. Here are the floor generals that caught our eye on Day 2.

Day 2 Top Point Guards

Alani Moore (DC Assault Gorham)- Moore was extremely impressive today before getting an ankle injury against New Heights. Moore had defenders on skates as he got in the lane at will. It really seemed like the lane opened like the Red Sea when he was penetrating. Once Moore got to the tin he used his scoring prowess to finish off plays. I’ve traveled around the country and to be honest he might be the best 6th grade PG in America. They call him L Train but I like Showtime a little better so we will go with that.

Mike Buckland (Team Felton)- Bucklin played marvelous against Team Battle. His size allows him to see over the defense and make great passes. He picks his spots well and will even burn you with a trey or floater. I like his calm demeanor and ability to run a team. He reminds me of Nick Calathes that played for University of Florida.

Rakym Felder (New Heights)- Yes Felder made this category. I must say I was impressed with his drive, draw and dish game against Norfolk Wildcats. He doesn’t force a lot of shots but when he needs to score he uses his ball handling and strength to get it done.

Chauncey Pittman (Fairfax Stars)- Pittman is a southpaw that takes his time to get the job done. I like how plays off the pick and roll while getting teammates involved. He has a nice trigger and will pull it from deep. He showed good poise today when I saw him rock.

Keith Washington (Team Battle)- Washington made the list not because of his ball handling but his ability to move the rock. He got the TB offense flowing by swinging the pill and stepping in for a mid range shot. He seems to fit in well with this squad.

Chris Lykes (DC Assault Gorham)- Lykes knows how to get the job done despite his size. He will drop the trey ball or the floater. He’s very impressive with his ability to dribble through the defense. He is tough as nails.