Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Sonny Lorenzo (Westchester County) Entry #3

Hey Basketball Spotlight its Sonny Lorenzo again. We will not be at a tournament this weekend but we will definitely be in Baltimore and then Ohio the following week. I have grown a lot over the summer mentally and physical last year I was 5’6” and now I am currently 5’10” and mentally now I am still learning the game but have most of it down packed. That is where my trainer Jerry Powell comes in because he helps me with all of the mental, physical and skill game of basketball. He helps me improve on my skills and he is now working with me on the physical part of the game. Also in this week I had a whole lot of homework and projects to do. It was a tuff week in terms of academic work.

Finally, I went to this little charity tournament with my friend and teammate Juwan Chapmen. Basically that was my weekend I know it wasn’t really much but I will have you guys post on next week’s tournament. Before I leave I want to give my teammates Juwan Chapman, Ramon Searight, Yhanni Bartley, Jerron Love, Tristan Gaines, Derrick Dorn, Killian Connely, Brandon Martin, Justin Tapper and my coaches Rasheem and Rasuan Young. Peace