Thursday, April 8, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Travis Upchurch (Bridgeport, CT) Final Entry

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

This is Travis Upchurch and this is my final Diary Of A Baller entry. I would like to thank Mr. Mike Melton and Basketball Spotlight for giving me this opportunity. I also would like to thank you guys for following my life these past eight weeks. 

It was Sunday and I was home after playing three games. It was open gym and I played against the grown men. The gym was packed and it was great competition there, my options were to drive and kick out or get to the midrange area while using my pull-up or floater. There was no getting to the rim with them big boys down there. After playing 5 on 5 with the grown men I stayed and rocked with at the high school open gym. It was easier to get to the rim but I still took my pull-up and used my drive and kick game. 

Monday was my first day back to school in two weeks. We didn’t do much in school but took notes and we didn’t have any homework. When I got home, I took a nap. When I woke up, I worked on my speech for school and then played my younger brother in Call Of Duty, Madden and 2K. 

Tuesday after school I headed straight to the gym to play 4 on 4. It was a lot of good high school players there and it was competitive. People was getting fouled every time going up for a lay up. The options were either a floater or a pull up at the rim because of the defensive help schemes. Everything began to calm down after this kid Jordan got fouled and fell on his back. 

Wednesday after school I worked on my speech a little more before heading to the gym. Today at the gym was just like Tuesday but my first team was energetic and was playing defense. We all were even talking on defense and switching screens. You could tell they didn’t want to get off and we stayed on all day. We hit our shots during drive and kicks and attacked the rim. Then later a kid dislocated his pinky finger while playing 21. 

Thursday after school I was loaded with homework and had to finish my speech so I didn’t go to the gym. My homework like it took forever but I eventually got it done. My brother and I did some work on the pull up bar and played on the mini hoops before going to bed. 

Friday my speech was due but we got an extension so I was able to add more material to it and proof read it several times. Today the gym was packed and played 5 on 5 and you could tell no one wanted to get off the court. Players were crying for foul calls and arguing whether the ball went out or not. My team only lost once and when we got back on the court we never lost again. The games were close but my team was getting stops and rebounds and that’s what made the difference in the games. 

Saturday Is the day everyone goes to the mall and chill. I first was just hanging with my aunt and cousin before chilling and playing basketball with my brother. Then we left for the mall and it was packed. I headed to Dave and Buster to play basketball for thirty minutes because I didn’t touch a ball all day. But when I got home, I dribbled on my dribbling trampoline for about twenty minutes with my brother.